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Whisper of The Heart (Mimi Wo Sumaseba) (1995)


A love story between the bookworm of a girl and the boy who checked out all the books in the library to gain her attention.

It was a cute and heartfelt film. Studio Ghibli always presents 5 out of 5-star films. The film watches Youko Honna grow up before the viewer's eyes. She went from a girl always indulged in her books to someone trying to write her own. Along with the fact that she found a boy who is doing the same, in trying to grow up as well, Issei Takahashi. The climax seems to take a turn when Takahashi has left to go to Germany for his violin apprenticeship and Honna decides to put her best effort first in writing her first book about the cat statue, The Baron. When you think she will succeed, she simply just was not ready yet. A simple lesson that all young viewers can learn, "don't try to grow up too fast," or "don't try to grow up before your time." When she realizes this lesson she changes her life plans after middle school again and decides she is going to high school. That's when everything falls into place for her, her feelings and mindset are reciprocated.


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