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Blood - C (2011)

So what have I been doing besides going to the gym and indulging in other mindless hobbies? Nothing much besides existing.

I am currently on my iPad, until I decide to gift myself a new MacBook.

If you follow me on Instagram @theprettyotaku, then you've seen that I have been active and still entertain by anime and manga. So I haven't left my Pretties and Handsomes hanging.

Since my last post, I have watched:

  1. Science Fell in Love so I Tried to Prove it

  2. Buddy Daddies

  3. The angel Nextdoor Spoils Me Rotten

  4. Violet Evergarden: The Movie

  5. Ride Your Wave

  6. Tekken: Bloodline

  7. My Love Story with Yamada-kun

  8. Lovely Complex

  9. Skip and Loafer

  10. Wonder Egg Priority

  11. Mob Psycho 100

  12. Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya: Battle for Sanctuary

  13. Uncle From Another World

  14. Bubble

  15. Dino Girl Gauko

  16. The Case Study of Vanitas

  17. My Happy Marriage

  18. Ooku: The Inner Chambers

  19. Dr. Stone: New World

  20. Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village

  21. Sugar Apple Fairytale

  22. A Galaxy Nextdoor

  23. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

  24. Saint Cecilia & Pasteur Lawrence

  25. My New Boss is Goofy

  26. Death Parade

  27. To Your Eternity

  28. Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Unexperienced Me

  29. Ancient Magus Bride S2

I do know which series had me more fucked up? The entire plot of To your Eternity, which I am still recovering from. Pink blood plays 102 times whenever I am have a lift session at the gym. Then the ending of Death Parade was unnecessary because I didn't want it to end. I need a season two... yesterday.

Halloween weekend I decided to start Blood-C while I was at Scarowinds out of town. It was on a shared watchlist between my brother and I, and I was tired of waiting on him and decided to go ahead and watch it without him.

It is a short series with 12-episodes with a supernatural theme.

The plot follows a teenage heroine, Saya, who appears to your normal high school student. She was your typical small town shrine girl. Her mother passed, leaving her and father behind to take care of the shrine. Unknowingly to everyone else, she also inherited the duty of protecting her small town from demons (known as Elder Bain's). She is a stellar and vicious swordsman. These demons can only be slayed by her blade.



When my brother first told me about this series, he initially told me it was a vampire series (keep this in mind).

Imagine an anime Truman Show (1996), starring Saya.

Saya is a vampire who is the strongest of all demons and took and oath to only kill her own kind and never to touch humans but she forgot she got captured by Fumito.

Fumito was a cute villain. He was introduced as the shopkeeper of the local diner that resided at the bottom of the shrine. He was also Saya and her father's caregiver. He prepared their meals and provided Saya with advice. However all the meals prepared contained blood for both of the individuals (Saya's Dad was also an Elder Blairn).

When Fumito's true identity was revealed as the Director of this version of the Truman Show. He is actually the chairman of the Seventh Heaven organization. He erased Saya's memories and manipulated her into participating in the experiment. Ultimately he is obsessed with Saya and her abilities as to why he wanted to observe her in the controlled world that he created for her. The entire town was populated by paid actors/actresses for her.

He was outed by his cousin, Kanako Tsutsutori.

She was Saya's homeroom teacher.

From the beginning of the series, she seemed very shady to me. She was dropping gems and hints to Saya every chance she got to try and get her to remember who she was prior to the Truman Show. She knew too much about Elder Bairns and was very affectionate towards Saya.

She later explains that her interest in Saya, was driven by selfishness and greed. She immorally broke her character, due to her frustration with the experiment conflicting with her publishing due date associated with her research on Elder Bairns.

In conjunction to Fumito's villiny, she was just as bad. She recruited the kids to turn against Saya:

  • The Twins: Nene Motoe (who is suppose to be dead), Nono Motoe (who is also allegedly dead).

  • The Romance Interest: Shinichiro Tokizane (who is an asshole in reality, which was disappointing because I was rooting for him).


Long story short, this entire series was pretty fucked up towards Saya.

She had what appeared to be a loving family and great support system only to find out her teacher is using her for research and ends up sexually assaulting her. She was in a one-sided love triangle with Shinichiro and Class Rep, Itsuki Tomofusa.

It all ends with everyone she developed connections with, dying. As most of them should have, especially her classmates. Like everyone who appeared to be her friends or whomever pretended to have her best interest at heart, deserved to die.

Everyone who played a part in Kanako's rouge plan to jog her memory loss, yeah... definitely deserved death.

The overall series was left open ended, and is completed with a movie (which I haven't watched yet.); Blood-C: The Last Dark (2012).

For me it was very predictable based on how the characters where staged. I wasn't too impressed but 50/50 that I might watch the movie but I am not too pressed to finish the franchise.


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