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Peach Girl NEXT Vol. 3


Sae continued her pursuit in trying to win over Toji. In doing so his in-laws created the assumption that he had moved on and completely forgotten about his late-wife. After a back and forth battle with Sae and Toji's mother-in-law, by coincidence she injured herself and Toji ended up reclaiming full custody of his daughter, Miyu again. Everything seems like a happy ending though Sae still had no confessed his feelings and Kairi changes his mind and wants to buy Momo a physical engagement ring. The question still remains is there still feelings between Toji and Momo after 10 years of separation? In what was originally announced by Blackgirlsanime, that this series only contains three volumes. I found out recently that there is a volume four that released March 19. It can be found Amazon for $10.99.

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