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Aggretsuko (2016)

This may be an emotional commentary for some. I am aware that my family does read most of my entries. Unfortunately, June 17th, 2021, I am at work right now on, what should be my lunch break, and I need a form of release from my daily stresses in a position that no longer makes me happy (I hate it here).

In December of 2019, I accepted a job offer straight out of college. It has allowed me to get real world experience outside of my internship, along with accommodate the lifestyle that I have been able to manage.

I am in a dark place right now. I am slowly creeping into my sunken place. For those who were not aware, I am a functioning depressive and sometimes I'm not very functional. I literally live in a shady place mentally and some days the weather is nice and sunny and others it's dark and overcast. It just depends on the day. But no matter the weather I am able to get up and start a new day and smile as best as I can.

Literally the same weekend I had moved into my apartment, my brother put me onto Aggretsuko. I loved everything about it. The stress from work and needing to vent, but Retsuko's primary way out of it all is by marrying money or just becoming a housewife in general.

My recent stressors at work ultimately have been due to the work culture. The lack of leadership and management. Our retention rate is very low. Overall, I am overworked, underpaid (I am salaried, mind you), and taken for granted. Not to mention I have family stress complied onto them, while trying to keep my Sunnydale days (If you know then you know).


Beyond having an unhappy work life, Retsuko and I are the same age, 25-year old and single ( I am working on the relationship part). She works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. One thing that college did not prepare us for is the working world. The culture is vastly different.

By my surprise according to the news, the U.S. is experiencing the largest unemployment rate. But with this information the unemployment demographics not only include those without a job, but also a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs. This told commercial markets that as a society, we do not need their employment. We got this! There are more hiring opportunities, but businesses are not moving fast enough with increasing their salary offers and benefits. If that were to happen then maybe the 21st century working society would be more motivated to bust a move and perform at our positions.

Retsuko, deals with daily frustration from superiors and co-workers, by venting her emotions with the power of karaoke (which it is on my bucket list to go to a karaoke lounge). Every night she sings death metal.

I would say for myself to keep me above water, I have to write, enjoy anime, or read. I need something that allows me a creative outlet.

But I understand Retsuko, I need to scream sometimes too (if not all the time).

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