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Ancient Magus Bride (Vol. 14)

I’mmmmmmm backkkkkkkkkkkkk!

No, I have yet to watch the new Twilight (2008), Batman crossover. But I have been busy with work and starting my Instagram reel career. We did however reach 120 followers on the IG page.. whoop whoop!

Also I am hoping to attend Animazement 2022 next month. I also discovered SharkCon, WizardCon, and MonsterCon and I want to add those to my bucket list. But I am in dyer need to go on a vacation. Like I need to stroll down an airplane aisle.

But you will catch me at at least one con before the year is over. If you do catch me at a con this year, I now have brand new business cards!


This volume was the most boring filler but not a filler I have ever read. I did not learn anything new about the university. We are not even close to solving the mystery.

I am still shipping Chise and Lucy.

There is a possibility that Zoe may have an interest in Chise.

Please do not misunderstand and think that I am pushing these relationships because these are only fantasies that I play out in my head.

I do wish for Chise to have some form of clarity on her relationship with Elias. Personally, I could not be with someone who lacks emotional intelligence. Like I feel as if that could be draining. With her personality I can honestly see her being with Zoe or Lucy. Chise literally has to teach Elias about emotional concepts and the difference between emotions and how to articulate needs and wants. I just do not have the patience for that. I would have left in a sense (unfortunately, she is unable to because he bought her at an auction). But I would emotionally detach from someone like that (just my two cents no one asked for).

I do however believe there is a reason why Isaac is so nice to Philomela and why Rian is so rude to her.

Well never mind, we do know why he doesn’t like her. She is incapable of speaking up for herself and having a backbone. But I honestly believe there is a deeper reason beyond that. I need another flashback of their childhood to better understand their kid-relationship.

Or maybe, just maybe, possibly... Isaac and Rian has feelings for her. Rian makes sense because they’re childhood friends. But Isaac? I need an explanation for him.

Lucy and her brother also had a moment of rekindling and understanding. It was a quick hashing of their sibling issues. Maybe I have never seen such effective communication between siblings before. I don’t know.

Ultimately, the school goes on lockdown because the principle believes the alchemist who attacked Lucy is potentially a professor or some entity that is already on the campus.

Luckily I already have volume 15 and I definitely plan on reading it prior to the volume 16 release in October.

What are some spring anime releases that is on everyone's watchlist? You can find my pending list on Instagram!


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