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Black Butler II (2010)

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

I am trying to get back to normal, from balancing my work life and love life. So I took a longer break than I expected. Initially, I was going to review the last two installments of Initial D, but I was not impressed by the movie or final season to do so. Besides, it would be more beneficial to just read the manga to get more details on the series beyond the anime because it is left open-ended.


Although the following titles listed is what I currently need to finish, catch up on, or start in general.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Kiss Him, Not Me


Burn The Witch

The God of High School

Fire Force

Cyber Team

The Great Pretender




Death Parade


Okko's Inn

Violet Evergarden


A Lull in the Sea

Boarding School Juliet

Cat's Eye

There is more but this is just the starting line-up.


So recently, I finished the Black Butler series, which has my child's namesake, Ciel, and my baby daddy, Sebastian.

This season was supposed to be the conclusion. But I feel as if it was a forced continuation for the fans. It is not like we didn't get an OVA, Black Butler: Book of Circus (2014), and a movie, Black Butler: Book of Atlantic (2017).

This installment of the series is the second season to the 2008 initial series. The setting takes place during late-nineteenth-century England. Exactly a year after the final battle and the conclusion of the contract between boy and demon was satisfied. Kuroshitsuji II introduces a new butler and young master. The sadistic yet cheerful Alois Trancy has faced some harsh times. He was a peasant boy in a village with his younger brother who also signed a contract with a demon. He was kidnapped by a nobleman who adopted him but would molest him behind closed doors. Once the nobleman died everything belonged to Alois. Unsatisfied with life and living with unhappiness he created a contract with Butler Demon, Claude Faustus, who breaks the contract himself to go after Ciel's soul.

This makes things complicated for Sebastian because Ciel lost his memory after the contract was completed. But Sebastian did not consume his soul through the last scene of the series it appears as if he had.

Now Claude killing Alois just so he could have Ciel's soul was the most confusing shit. I was unaware that, the demon terminate his contract that way, I was also unaware that you could create multiple contracts. This entire season was a fight over who would eat the last chicken leg out of the box.

The only reason everyone wanted Ciel's soul is that he has so much built up anger and revenge-seeking that his soul is ripe. Unfortunately, for Alois, only one demon that you would least expect actually wants his soul. But Alois's soul is tainted by pain and suffering than revenge. He craves love and wants to be loved by his Butler. That is a conflict with his contract with Claude because the demons are emotionless, except for Hannah.


This photo does not do this beautiful brown skin woman justice. She is the first female demon introduced in the entire series. Not to mention she fell in love (motherly love) with Alois and his brother. To fulfill the brother's contract she must devour Alois's soul but he must make a new contract with her. The amount of big dick energy and boss bitch attitude she has is crazy. She knew she was going to get everything she wanted from the beginning and I am happy for her. She managed to finalize the contract between the brother, Alois, and take Claude as a prize to make Alois happy.

If I could ship, I would not be mad if there was an MMF threesome between Claude, Sebastian, and Hannah. I would not be mad at all. (Sorry family!!!!!!!)


The plot twist however to finalize and void everyone's contract was the final contract created with Hannah and Alois. The terms and conditions were Alois will be devoured by Hannah and will return Ciel's body once one of the butlers die. They have to duel to the death, and the winner will receive Ciel's body as the reward. As for his soul, it will be removed and will be converted into a demon. This ultimately meant that if Sebastian won (he did) he has to forever serve Ciel as his butler for all eternity. If Claude won he would receive nothing in return.

Alois was petty. He truly was the only winner in this scenario.

Overall I did like this installment. I don't think it tops Book of Circus or the first season. I did not bother watched the third installment because it was just a non-canon OVA. I do want to watch the movie just to see if it is canon or within another timeline.


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