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Gokushufudou: The Way of the Househusband (2021)

This is probably the last series, anyone thought I was going to comment on. Especially since I have been watching so many series during my absence. At this point, I am learning not to apologize for focusing on myself. I do apologize for not giving any notice but not for using my personal time.

During my absence, I have been watching a lot of anime and getting into more video games and just ultimately enjoying life, in between my work. I would also like to say, I have also been sharing my time with another otaku. He's more of an action, Shonen kind of guy but we'll get him to our Shoujo side eventually.

Now in my past relationship, my ex-boyfriend wanted to be a househusband. He wanted to stay at home and manage the house... BUT he was not the domesticated type. He was not the type to cook or clean and more towards the end of our relationship did he begin to learn how to cook but not really up to par compared to Tatsu. If he was more like Tatsu, honestly I wouldn't have a problem with having a househusband at all; I would receive cute lunches for work, clean clothes, a bath prepared before I got home, and basically 100% being catered too. What a perfect world right?

With my current situation, he is not the domesticated type. He is the order Doordash and eat-out type. But it works for him. But also as a career woman who lives alone and cooks primarily for una persona, it does get lonely and boring most nights, so having him come over for dinner and eat the portions that would have been considered a meal plan or leftovers pending to be thrown out is nice. I even think about all the meals I would like to cook for him, or I think about all the cleaning supplies I am going to pick-up to help tidy his place (see look at my Acts of Service love language just being exposed).

Before I go too deep into my personal life, I feel that's how Tatsu feels. His acts of service for his wife, Miku, genuinely make him happy and gives him a larger purpose than fighting for the yakuza.

Tatsu is just your modern househusband with a past life of crime. He was a legendary gangsta within the yakuza, known as the Immortal Dragon. He disappeared from the crime scene after his final gang fight with all the other crime bosses.

There is a scene in the series where Miku, has a flashback to when they first met (literally a millisecond). The scene basically looked like he was badly hurt and was in hiding after his final fight. So I can assume (no, I did not read the manga and I do not know if there are more details about the characters in it), that Miku and Tatsu probably fell in love during his recovery. She probably took him home and nursed him back to full health. But although, they are in love, his record more than likely prevents him from get a more lavish professional career so she was approving and secure with him being a househusband.

Doesn't that give you Bulma and Vegeta vibes? Maybe even Kikyo and Naraku.


Overall the series was cute and funny. I really loved it. I did not like the fact that it was only 5 episodes and 15 minutes each episode. It was like receiving a teaser per chapter rather than a full experience episode. I would say I was able to watch it four times last night (May 24, 2021) when I came home from work. It was also announced that the current installment on Netflix is only part 1 of 2, so the series will be completed sometime between this year and next year. Hopefully we can be blessed with 20 minute episodes at least or just one hour long special.


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