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NTR: Netsuzou Trap (2017)

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I woke this morning (April 18, 2020) and randomly had the urge to watch yuri. I wanted something that was similar to Citrus (2018). So I just searched "citrus anime" in Google and this search was in the related searches and then I found the Crunchyroll link. I honestly watched the entire series within the time it took me to eat breakfast and wash the dishes. Each episode is nine minutes per 12 episodes, which is 108 minutes which can be considered a movie if you subtract the intros and outros. There is a manga that is only one volume that explains the plot continuously.


This story follows the double date group in the cover photo.

Childhood friends, Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizushina attend high school together with their boyfriends who are on the basketball team together, Takeda and Fujiwara. It all seems perfect until Yuma begins to feel uneasy when she is alone with Takeda and seeks advice from Hotaru. Hotaru decides to take it upon herself to use physical and sexual means in order to make Yuma as ease. Instead of rejecting Hotaru, Yuma continues to entertain the flirtatious gestures and secrecy from Hotaru until things become mentally and emotionally complicated between the two, which also overflows into their personal relationships.

The main character of this series is Yuma. She is a second-year student in high school and gets her first boyfriend, Takeda. Takeda has fallen for her and cares for her deeply but makes many attempts to be alone with her.

Knowing of his attempts Yuma, always turns their dates into double dates by inviting Hotaru and her plus-one. Though she is cheating on Takeda with Hotaru she is not aware that, that is what she is doing. She feels as though it is two women messing around that it is not equated as cheated until Fujiwara brings it to her attention later on in the episodes.

I won't say that Yuma did not love Takeda because when they decide to break up she did begin to miss him and regret her behavior towards him. When they have co-ed basketball practice she would secretly stare at him. Unfortunately, she still has lingering thoughts are Hotaru and her jealously towards her.

Hotaru made a point towards Yuma, that if she really didn't anything to happen between them she would have truly fought back and resisted.

Instead, she allowed her to finger her in the bathhouse, at home, kiss her whenever Hotaru felt like it, and among other things. Then once everything was over she would blame Hotaru and friendzone her. But then become overprotective and demand she stops living her life a certain way because she disapproved.

I did feel like Takeda and Yuma made a cute couple but they also have a good friendship the way Takeda was supportive of Yuma's new feelings towards Hotaru, though he is still unaware of who it was she was in love with.


Hotaru reminded me of Mei from Citrus. The way she was always in love with Yuma but showed her feelings the same way she hid them from her. She appeared to be a complex character when she genuinely was not.

Hotaru has been in love with Yuma since they were children in grade school.

Once they got into middle school and she noticed that Yuma had gained her own friend-group outside of her. She began to feel lonely. So she started seriel-dating. She dated any guy who asked her or would have sex with her, which gained her the reputation of being a hoe, alienating herself from the other girls in her class from middle school to high school.

She was dating Fujiwara out of loneliness. He made her feel at ease because she knew she was a horrible person for how she treated men to suppress her feelings for Yuma.

The appearance of Fujiwara and Hotaru together looked like Inu x Boku (2012).

The couple had an arrangement with their relationship. It was an open-relationship; they both can do whatever they want separately and will not question it and when they decide to interact together neither one can refuse each other's desires and needs.

It seems as though Hotaru stretched the truth with Fujiwara when it came to Yuma.

I originally found Fujiwara very attractive, as if he was the mysterious quiet type. Only to find out that he was the male-whore of the school and seriel-cheater as well as an abuser. He dated Hotaru not because she was considered the most beautiful girl in school and the female-whore of the school, but because of the dating arrangement they made worked better for his lifestyle. He was the one who always caught Yuma and Hotaru. He didn't necessarily care. He felt he was doing them a favor by keeping it a secret from Takeda that he knew why Yuma was so distant with their relationship.

Though he had the advantage to get the threesome he threatened them for.

From what he told Yuma in the last episode, Hotaru was never interested in her but only messing with her. He felt that Yuma was the one in the wrong because of Takeda and how she has yet to tell him the truth and still hasn't. When in actuality, Yuma realized at that moment it was Fujiwara, that Hotaru was using and messing with.


Needless to say, both the girls left their boyfriends for each other and end up dating each other in the end. So I can only assume because everyone goes to the same school that Takeda realizes who he was giving Yuma advice for.

The plot could have been rewritten to where no one found out about their relationship and they continue to dating their significant other. There was also a possibility that everything continued until they get into college where everything gets more complicated if their individual relationships followed them to college as well. Either story, including the current one, someone was going to get hurt regardless.


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