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Peach Girl NEXT Vol. 6

My hiatus is over! But my posting schedule will be changing for 2020 😅. By the time this is posted I will have already explained everything to everyone and we'll be in the new year by now.

I decide to purchase this volume on Black Friday but I didn't have time to read it until my Christmas break. I originally had planned to read this while I was either in the airport or in the Dominican Republic. This particular volume was nerve-racking. Kairi chose Misao and Momo chose herself. Which I feel what Momo decided to do by distancing herself from Kairi, was fine. But there was a communication defect on both ends.

This will be posted the same day as volume 7 because for some reason it never uploaded on January 13th. There's not much to say about this volume other than the fact that the trust issues and miscommunication continue to escalate.


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