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Fire Punch Vol. 1 (2018)

You would think I would have used my time wisely and updated my blog. But girl, I was out living my best life with my cousin in town. But This week was my first week back and I have not done much but play my switch and read manga. Today, July 16th, 2021, my family is getting ready to go to Blerdcon. This however will be my parents' first fandom convention. I do plan on sharing the experience on @Theprettyotaku Instagram story.

On Tuesday, while I was at work, because I was not able to go on my business trip to Indianapolis (thank god! I did not want to go anyways), that left me with a very boring and slow day, without any tasks or assignments. So I started Fire Punch, which I discovered on Twitter. I took a screenshot of someone else talking about how crazy it was, and for some reason I am very drawn to creepy and horror themed novels.

Literally within the first three chapters, I experienced rape, beastiality, incest, pedophilia, and cannibalism. It was like every chapter kept getting worse and worse. So I was hooked and intrigued.

In a world frozen by the ice and snow, those who remain are struggling to survive, thanks to the Ice Witch. The Ice Witch is known as a "Blessed," these are those who are born with gifts blessed by God. Those who are blessed, can be persecuted or abused for their gifts.

Agni and Luna, are both siblings blessed with regeneration. Agni can regenerate within seconds, whereas Luna make take 10 minutes or days. By trying to make the best out of their powers while helping others, they live in small village of primarily elders, they cut off their limbs to feed the village and supply them with meat.

Also due to the fact that the village is mostly of those outside of their age range and lacks children, Luna has the idea of having sex with her brother in order to have children and possibly make the village more lively and hopeful.

What should have been a regular day in the village, an army storms in to steal the village's resources. Unfortunately, all that was found was human flesh. Out of disgust, army commander, Doma, incinerates the village with his blessing... fire. Doma's flames do not extinguish until the target he places them on is reduced to ash.

Due to Agni's regeneration, he remains consumed by the flames for years in pain. After nearly a decade of pain, Agni has learned to live with it and uses it as a reminder for revenge.


Since this is the first volume of the manga series, I do not have much to say about it. I am very intrigued because of the current themes that were presented.

I also feel as if the title of the series should've been something different, like Doma's Flame or The Blessed. I don't know something rather than Fire Punch.

I do plan on reading the second volume on my way to D.C. for this weekend, along with Ancient Magus Bride vol. 13.

This series is relatively short as well. It has a total of eight volumes which can be purchased on Amazon for the Kindle version for $7.99 each or roughly $24 for the physical copies.


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