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Princess Jellyfish (Vol. 5)

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This will be therapeutic for me.

It is November 1st, and my Halloween weekend was not as pleasant as I hoped it would be. A lot happened but in order to value everyone's privacy who was involved I won't go to far in detail. I will say the positive out of the situation was that I confessed my feelings to my boyfriend finally. I love him and he loves me back (now we can breathe and relax).

I want to do things different to maximize my time and give a lengthy review for once and it does take me awhile to read PJ, so I want to give my commentary in a form of a diary entry. Basically for everyday that I read a chapter or chapters, I will date the passage and give my thoughts and keep it going from start to finish of Volume 5.

I also plan on incorporating more content, such as DC Comics and more cartoon series that I am obsessed with in between reading manga and watching anime.

So please enjoy the journey with me of my daily blogging. I will attempt to post daily and read a chapter a day. Every entry will be solely on this post and everyday I will schedule the post to update with the lastest takes on this volume.


November 1, 2021

Episode 45, For the Sake of Others, is the beginning of the fifth volume of Princess Jellyfish. It will be three years since I posted my comments on the series.

I literally started this blog in college as an outlet for my depression and a way to share my hobby with others and look how far I have come by creating my own small community.

If you would like to catch up on the previous volume, my comments for that novel will be a year old in December.

Now this chapter, follows Shu and Tsukimi on their second impromptu date. They spotted by a sweets shop and met the owner, who is an elderly man reluctant to relocate because of his ancient well pump that he swears produces the most high quality water, that he only uses for his goods.

The same owner even organized a protest against the redevelopment of the neighbor. He invited Tsukimi and the remaining roommates. Which I feel would have been a perfect time to create a dress specifically for the protest. A statement piece for example: The Quinceañeras Protest for the Texas Sanctuary City Ban in 2017.

Then you got Shu buying tarts at damn near midnight for Tsukimi to make her feel better. She is still harping about her purpose and how to help the cause and Shu wants to give her some sort of comfort, (when he could just buy the property and be done because he has the funds to do so.) Let me also add if my man buys me sweets or for example an edible arrangement and my friends open the door and starts digging in it and eating it before I get a bite, I promise you, I will not have any friends afterwards.

But I also need to find a bakery where I can get a japanese style fruit tart. I am tired of anime culture making them look so damn delicious.



November 2, 2021

So last night I was very disappointed in Olive Garden. I was not impressed. I used to actually like Olive Garden for the baked pasta dishes but last night it was just nasty. Not to mention they no longer have stuffed mushrooms on the menu.

Episode 46, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun:

"What kind of clothes would Amars want to wear?"

This had me thinking about how I interpret style. How much money I spend on my appearance? Do I even consider it to be fun and enjoyable?

When I purchase clothes online, I don't find it fun, it is more so like an addiction of buying items I like or thinking about how I can pair them with what I already have in my closet. When I find shopping and clothing enjoyable is when:

  1. When I go thrifting and find cute vintage and one-of-a-kind items.

  2. The process of getting dressed to go to work (when I put in effort) and when I got out like to a club or on a cute date.

But ultimately, I have more fun with the process of becoming beautiful or a different person because a regular day I am wearing the following:

  • Spring/Summer: Biker shorts, fandom t-shirts, sandals, slides

  • Fall/Winter: Leggings, sweatpants, oversized t-shirts, sneakers, uggs, oversized sweatshirts/sweaters

I pretty much look like a potato 24/7.


November 3, 2021

I can't believe I am three days strong, with being consistent. I feel very at ease and I may start writing in this style more often as a stress reliever. I am aware only a few people are reading to keep up with the diary entries/updates everyday but when the final product is posted, I know my hard work will pay off.

What non-anime related television series is everyone watching? I'm currently watching:

  • The Good Doctor

  • Chucky: The Series

  • American Horror Story: Double Feature

  • 227

  • Insecure

I spent an entire weekend with my boyfriend binge watching You on Netflix and I was honestly rooting for Love Quinn the entire time. I wanted better for her and Joe.

As for Squid Games, I have yet to start it because social media has ruined it for me with spoilers.

Episode 47, Monsieur Hire:

So at the start of the protest Shu comes to the rescue by providing the paperwork (I can not think of the official term) to allow the girls to protest in front of GCC.

At this very moment, Tsukimi realizes that she may be in love with him. I feel like this a special moment. When you as a person realize that you may be in love with someone. It is like a pause in time. You freeze and start rethinking and reminiscing on all the memories you created with that person. You think of all the things that make this person who they are, but specially who they are to you. Are they a hero? Do they symbolize your strength? Comfort? Safety? Do they feel like home? Do they make you feel as if you want to be an even better person than what you already are?

Tsukimi offers to take Shu on a date to thank him for his help. But ironically Kuranosuke is not okay with the idea.

She even gets to wear the jellyfish dress, fresh from the factory. As the designer she deserves to wear her own dress but she feels the complete opposite about it.


November 4, 2021

Episode 48, My Date with Shu-Shu:

This entire time I assumed Tsukimi was a college student, at a local college or a junior college. But she is not. Which makes me wonder, how much money did her mother leave her when she passed away? You mean to tell me she is able to buy groceries, art supplies, and afford rent comfortably? I understand she does not indulge in the luxury things in life like traveling and beauty items but I just don't understand her finances (or many I am just high maintenance or too expensive.)

But also keep in mind, she is not of age to drink either!

Nothing much happened on Shu and Tsukimi's date. They joked about the flavor of the food and as the candles on the table accidently fell over, Shu leaned inward and blurted out that he was in love with Tsukimi.

Both ended up puzzled.

Then simultaneously, Kuranosuke is still fixated on the fact that there even was a date. It bothers him. Is he potentially in love with Tsukimi too?

Honestly I am secretly rooting for K+T, but I am not mad at #TeamK+S.


November 9, 2021

The marathon continues. I did not abandon y'all. I was extremely busy at work on Friday and I wanted to enjoy the weekend with my man. Then on Monday, the same thing work and my man. That is pretty much how my days go; work, family, my man, my dog, and repeat.

Episode 49, About a Pureboy:

Why are confessions of love so complicated? Like why do we get confused or stop computing with we receive a confession?

Shu is being dramatic with wanting to write a proposal letter. Like can we take the relationship one step at a time, please?

The fact that Kuranosuke was hoping for the worse to happen on the date, says a lot about his feelings for Tsukimi. One second it is like he cares for her like a brother but then again it's like a jealous man who chooses to be in the friendzone. I need him to figure out which is it.


November 10, 2021

I had the most impromptu nerdom conversation ever at work this morning. I am more engaged with my anime groupchat, there are new series being announced (as if I don't already have so many to catch up on), I love watching Doja Cat's twitch in my spare time, and I overall just do not have any complaints today.

Episode 50, The Dining Belle and the Jellyfish:

So the Jellyfish dresses are finally coming together on a professional scale with management, supplies, and the professional aesthetics with business cards.

I am getting tired of Tsukimi milking and dragging out this "I love you." It's becoming frustrating, as if she is purposely playing dumb and ignorant.

Plus, Shu is too formal for me and is moving too fast. He only had three dates with the woman and already asking for marriage. Now I am a believer of love at first sight but still marriage at three glance is doing to much.


November 11, 2021

At this point, work is just being stressful for no reason.

Episode 51, The Sorcerer's Younger Brother:

Kuranosuke's mother makes another appearance. I am very curious if she will ever reveal herself to him or return to explain her departure.

I think Kuranosuke is coming to terms with what Tsukimi is to him. But he wants to identify what he is to her. He is in love with her. He loves her confidence when she is with him and unfortunately, Shu does not give her the comfort she needs in order to express that side of herself.

"...Date me with the intent to marry?"

Now this phrase is very interesting because my partner has also said this. But it is literally what it means. She would be accepting the proposal with the idea of dating and getting to know each other prior to the endgame.

What Shu perceives to be a "yes" to his proposal, is going to hurt him and Tsukimi both later on because she never agreed to his offer.


November 17, 2021

We're almost done and then we can begin some new novels. I don't want to say too much but I will say one is a yuri and another is actual an African American comic series combined into one volume.

I want to start getting into some DC Comics about the Teen Titans and also Batman: The Long Halloween.

Episode 52, Causal Line?:

"Japan... in fact, the whole world... is teeming with otaku girls. Imagine all the clothes they would buy!!"

As an Otaku girl, I never really cared about clothes until I got into college. Prior to then, getting "dressed" was a cosplay to me. Even now as an adult, going out to the Van Gogh Experience with my boyfriend and getting dressed up and doing my makeup is like a cosplay and putting on heels for a brunch is in the same boat. On a regular day, outside of corporate attire for work, my ideal outfit is a oversized t-shirt with leggings/biker shorts or a cute sweatsuit with over dramatic custom crocs with jibbitz.

I say all that to say; Kuranosuke can honestly sell cute anime t-shirts similar to Blackgirlswatchanime or AdornbyChi and would make a killing.

"Korea has its own special rental system... Deposit security. When you sign the lease, you pay the landlord a lump sum as a "deposit," and then there's no rent at all..."

I swear America is fucking ass.

Shu attempting to extend the eviction deadline for Tsukimi is giving him some brownie point I must add but I also feel as though both him and Kuranosuke are in a tie for what they are able to do for her, and what they are trying to do for her. So ultimately, she will have to make her final decision. I am aware she says she loves Shu but she has not finalized or put any thought towards her feelings for Kuranosuke. Plus he is also still trying to figure it out and define his relationship to her.


November 30, 2021

Yeah, I absolutely skipped a lot of days, you know work tings. But I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up.

Just a quick intermission: How was everyone's holiday?

I of course got to shop, eat, spend time with family, and put together a puzzle with my wonderful boyfriend.

I know at this point I mention this man a lot, but I think I am truly in love this time around.

Episode 53, Children of Men:

So now the thirsty realtor, Shoko, who attempted to "trap" Shu, believes she maybe in love with him.

I just want to know how? Every conversation she has had with the man, has been business related. But to his knowledge they had sex. But still what could possibly attract her to him beyond the appearance that she mentions.

I noticed everytime Kuranosuke mentions his mother or has a flashback of her it is in reference to his cross-dressing and I am starting to believe he crossdress in an attempt to be closer to his mother (similar to having mommy issues).

But at least he is being accepting of his bestfriend and brother "dating." (I am not however.)


December 1, 2021

Episode 54, Shu, Tsukimi, Amars:

Tsukimi has another date with Shu coming up to an amusement park. I will say my first amusement park date was very disappointing.

Picture it...

It was my one-year anniversary with this man. I had bought Harbor Day Weekend Tickets for Carolwinds Amusement Park. We drove from school and the plan was, we were going to go straight to the park and then spend the night at his mom's house and then u-turn back to campus the next day.

As we were attempting to park the car, He kept yelling at me and then blaming me for being so sensitive while being on my time of the month and basically, how come everytime we took a trip I was on my cycle (very misogynistic.)

We did not really talk the majority of our time at the park.

I will say the positive part of the adventure was another couple was leaving and gave us their fast passes and then a friend of his, who worked at the park gave us an exclusive pass to ride this roller coaster that requires an additional admission (definitely a scam.)

Anyways... The amars just put two and two together and just realized that Tsukimi has a boyfriend and now are planning to use her to pause the redevelopment.

"Actually, just marry her off. Political marriage. Take secret photos of the date! If she gets dumped, we'll sell them to 'Friday Magazine.'"

It is not giving friendship or girl code.

Like who as a friend, is wishing for a relationship's downfall?

So the chapter ends with Tsukimi feeling at ease on her date on the ferris wheel with Shu.

We can assume until Volume 6 that the date was a success.

Otherwise I do not have anymore additional notes on this volume. All I can say is I see a conflicting love map between four characters and it is very evident that two people are going to get hurt in the situation. I also predict that the Amars are going to experience some heartbreak as well. But I will find out as soon as I purchase the next volume.

Until then, another post should be expected between now and New Years. Then another in January. I do plan on commenting on a few series and cleaning up my watchlist.

I am always available on Twitter and Instagram to chat about anything weeb.


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