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Shin Chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vaction (2022)

Good Morning my Pretties!

I have not posted since April but a lot has happened in that time span.

I have experienced a career transition for the better. A relationship transition for the better. So all is well.

Recently while scrolling on TikTok and @ageekychick was announcing the upcoming cozy games for August.

Of course, Shin Chan stuck out to me! It is no secret that Shin Chan is my favorite anime series.

This news came right on time for me because I have been dying to play a new game on my switch.

I would say overall gameplay to complete the plot of the game took me 2 weeks total. I literally finished it last night (August 24th). Mind you, the game was released on August 11th.

For starters, the graphics are amazing and the town is gorgeous. It put the series animation to shame.

Some of the features in the game that I loved, was the idea that I can roam the entire map (when areas were unlocked) until evening. However, if Shin had low energy, he would fall to the ground and fall asleep and instantly wake back up at his vacation home. But in order to delay his energy depletion, you had to make sure he had snacks in his inventory. This also meant you had to buy snacks from the convenience store and earn money by completing errands.

Completing errands consisted of farming/harvesting crops or fishing in order to provide produce and meats to the Curry Shop, Convenience store, and the local restaurant (the vacation home that Shin is staying at over the summer).

An additional errand consisted of compiling all of his journal entries to give to the town newspaper company in order to help them increase their audience an readership. After completing errands Shin receives allowance bonuses, plot information, and satisfying objectives which assist with the overall story plot.

The one errand I was not able to master or complete was fishing. However, the tutorial seemed simple, I was never able to catch any fish.

Other features, included speaking to the townies (many had limited scripts), having dinosaur card battles in the local kids' basement hangout, scavenging herbs, and catching different bugs.

My only dislikes of the game are obviously Shin's energy limitations, but also Whity was an opp towards the evening, he would also pick up Shin when it was time for dinner. If Shin was on a portion of the map that Whity was not permitted to roam, then another NPC would collect Shin.

You could roam the map in the evening after dinner but it did not last for long, if I could travel longer at night before Whity or NPCs could take Shin home I would have more fun with the free gameplay capabilities.

Plus, the intro to each morning, with the morning exercise with the corny music was so annoying. You can skip it but it is very delayed.

Then just a few ideas, if was able to help out at the local restaurant beyond running errands, like similar to Diner Dash (I'm showing my age) or being able to plant crops and extend the farm.

It was overall a fun and cozy game. I will be playing Demon Slayer (post-pending) and Kirby Dream Buffett until more sim-style games become available.

I have updated my watchlist, but if you already follow me on Instagram @Theprettyotaku then you already know what I am watching. I also highly recommend following me on Instagram because if I am M.I.A with posting then I am more than likely posting on there!


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