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The Ancient Magus Bride (Vol. 13)

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Last time, I discussed Fire Punch and still very intrigued by it's plot. I also spent that weekend at Blerdcon enjoying my family. I bought a few independent novels, that I do plan on featuring along with a few shirts and other merch.

I understand it has been two months since my last post and I have been hoarding all the anime that I have been watching in between but to be honest, I have started many series and stopped midway. I just been focused on family, growing my relationship and love life, and binging serial killer and wildlife documentaries. But on the bright side everything that I actively watch in the moment is listed on the TheprettyOtaku Instagram page.

While I was on my road trip to Arlington, for Blerdcon, I was reading AMB volume 13 and Fire Punch volume 2.

Volume 13 continues with the students on their class trip and Lucy has disappeared from the rest of the group. With her magic drained and in a deep sleep, her older brother, Seth, is introduced as her last remaining relative (though it was originally rumored that she was an orphan and the last heir). Seth was the initial heir as the first born son of their Alchemist family. But due to his lack of magically abilities, they purposely had another child, with hopes of having the abilities to communicate and wield the spiders they used to create copies of books.

Please note that Seth is the man who put Chise up for auction at the very beginning of this series.

Ironically during Lucy's recovery, an ancient novel that was heavily guarded by the university was stolen and switched with a poorly made duplicate. When investigating the duplicate, it was discovered that a spider's web was attached the ashes of the book. So it can be assumed that whoever murdered Lucy and Seth's family has resurfaced with their spiders.

This particular novel, holds the secrets to killing immortals, draining another beings magic, and how to revive dead. It is basically what can be known as the Dark Arts in Harry Potter or forbidden magic in any form of a magical fairytale.

It can also be assumed that whoever is behind the theft and the murder is someone close and possibly residing at the university, I believe.

After the camping trip, Chise goes to visit Cartaphilus for advice. When dealing with the nuckelavee, she heard a voice who she is unsure is the dragon's curse or a deep sense of self.

After Chise leaves Cartaphilus to return to his slumber he thinks to himself:

"What you heard Chise was the voice of a dragon cursing humanity in a fit of fear and rage. You've lived through ugly parts of my past. You've seen where hatred and malice are conceived and born. You've experienced the feeling of listening to the voices and inflicting harm. Once you know how it feels to strike another down..." "
"No matter how hard you try, you can't regain your innocence."

This thought can be implied that because Chise and Cartaphilus now share a bond via curse, she will never experience innocence again. After everything she has been through from the time she met Elias, she no longer become innocent. She can only and make decisions based on her previous knowledge of right and wrong.

Though it was a brief scene in the volume, this meeting with Cartaphilus will definitely become in important for Chise. This was nothing more than a foreshadowing tactic by Yamazaki, which is what she has been doing the entire series by dropping brief hints on what is to come during this story arc.


After dealing with the wolf assassins, Ainsworth left Chise and the Webster siblings to discuss why, his new found friend and colleague was experiencing the same symptoms of magically drainage as Lucy.

Lucy believes that all that has happened to this point may lead to the cause and reasoning why the Webster family was murder and had their spiders taken from them.


Volume 14 is already in stores so I will probably take my trip to Barnes & Nobles next weekend to get my copy of it so I can ease my nerves.

Also I was definitely shipping Chise and Lucy together after seeing the panel of Chise carrying her away from the assassins. Like I would be okay with a kiss or flirtation between the two. It may even add some spice between Ainsworth and Chise, since their relationship has not been completely defined yet.

But y'all know I love a messy situation.

I am still waiting on the animation of the arc or at least a movie. But I am ready for what comes next, it has already been foreshadowed that a lot of decision will have to be made by Chise, Lucy's family tragedy will be discovered and put to rest, and what other secrets lurk behind the walls of the university.

Before I forget, what the fuck is a nuckelavee!?

Like after I googled it these bitches are ugly as fuck and if I was Chise I would have left Lucy with that motherfucker. I have never heard of this creature prior to this series.


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