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Transparent Light Blue (2017)

Happy New Year everyone!

I don't know about y'all but it's still very much, ghetto in 2022. Like why are we still in a pandora??????

I have not been doing much besides being in love and minding my business. I started a new resolution so start reading again. So far I have finished two books. I am currently on my third.

Transparent Light Blue (2017) was my second, that I read on my lunch break at work. It was a very short read, with only three chapters.


The manga follows a love triangle between Ichika and her two childhood friends Ritsu and Shun, who are in love with their mutual friend, Ichika.

Shun and Ichika are currently dating but something feels off. Shun is in love with Ichika but Ichika is not sure why she does not have deep feelings for him.

On the other hand, Ritsu is also in love with Ichika but too afraid to confess her feelings to her because Ichika is with Shun.

It is a simple plot. I can't really complain about the length of the plot or the character dynamics because it was literally three chapters.

Why only question is what was the point in making ear cleaning, the sexual scenes between the two women? Like they made it so intimate for what?

Can ear cleaning be orgasmic with a q-tip?Absolutely but it's not that deep for me to have my parent clean my ears for me and start moaning.


Now my only negative is, Ichika never properly broke up with Shun. She just never went to his basketball game?

During their high school winter break, Shun had an away game for basketball. He invite her and then she invited Ritsu. She didn't want to go without her. At this point Ritsu already confessed to her and they had a fight about it. So she goes to Ritsu's apartment instead of the game to apologize and return her feelings.

Let's talk about the confession, Ritsu never fully confessed because Ichika already knew. Shun walked in on Ritsu kissing a sleep Ichika. Which then turned their friendship into a rivalry.

Then the friendship became distant. Shun and Ritsu became aware of each other's mutual feelings towards Ichika and Ichika was aware of both their feelings because she was awake when Ritsu kissed her.

That was the spiciest portion of the entire manga.

Then the additional confession that Ritsu gave, was during an argument with Ichika and forced her airpods/headphones into Ichika's ears to listen to the recording of her moaning while getting her ears cleaned.

  1. When did she begin the recording? Before she started cleaning her ears or during?

  2. How is ear cleaning intimate and why?

  3. Why is ear cleaning consider sexual?

Then only reason this was an important part of the confession, is because whenever Ritsu has her headphones in, she tells Ichika that she is listening to what I am assuming is Horror podcasts or horror story audiobooks. Which also means she has had this recording for awhile. So it goes back to original judgment and question of her creepiness, when was this recording taken? I can this because Ritsu has been cleaning Ichika's ears for years since they were children.


I don't really have much else to stay about this manga. It was a quick and interesting read. It wasn't gay enough for me but it was good enough for my lunch break.

I definitely do not recommend buying this as a Valentine's Day gift.


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