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Gaiden Alien vs. Shinnosuke (2016)

Now It is now secret that I have not been watching as much anime as I should be in regards to pushing out these reviews but my day-job as been consuming me; mind, body, and soul. I have also been avoiding the Corona virus by binge-watching in my room around my own self-made germs. But that's beyond the point. I did however try to read Plus-sized Elf Vol. 1, but I simply could not finish it. There was too much fan service for me to even attempt the completion of it. So my review series that I had in mind for it is officially cancelled.

Now for you really for, I FOUND OUT THERE WAS A SHIN CHAN SEQUEL !!!!! I binged it in a day, because it is a 15-episode series with 8 minutes per episode. None of the episodes have anything to do with each other besides the fact that Shin and his companions wake up in space, years into the future. In the bright side this is not just a one-time release. This series is just the first season installment of the sequel. There are a total of four season in the works of production, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. This is just the first season with an alien theme, that was released in January 2017 with English subtitles. Unfortunately, I do miss the English dubbed audio since that how I originally watched the series. Just like I am also not use to hearing Shin's Japanese rendition of his name being Shinnosuke.

There are a total of four Shin movies that both explain and lack explanation of the aliens that are featured in this series. The aliens featured in this installment are the same ones that are in the movies; Action Kamen vs. Leotard Devil (1993), The Storm Called: The Singing Buttocks Bomb (2007) and The Storm Called!: Me and the Space Princess (2012) (if anyone know's where I can find these movie let me know, thanks!).

The following seasons to be available on Prime:

Season 2: Crayon Shin-Chan Spin-off: Toy Wars (13 episodes).

Season 3: Crayon Shin-Chan Spin-off: Lone Wolf and Family (13 episodes).

Season 4: Crayon Shin-Chan Spin-off: O-O-O-No Shinnosuke (13 episodes).

I am overall just really glad that they brought back such an amazing classic. Though it has such an ugly art style and the jokes cross a thin line or discrimination and wtf, I genuinely love this series and can't wait to binge the rest of the installments.


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