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Peach Girl NEXT (Vol. 8)

We finally made it! The finally installment of the Peach Girl Sequel.

I will have to say I read this volume on August 6th. It was released August 4th. I was not a fan. I am very disappointed in the "season finale."

It was very obvious that Momo and Kairi were going to get back together. We just wanted to know the dramatics that were in between. This volume lacked the same high school drama that they had initially. The entire volume surrounded Sae and her feelings. Sae was rejected by Toji and Momo went after her.

This volume actually showed the relationship dynamic Momo and Sae have. Sae maybe a bitch and needs her ass beat every other day. But Momo does genuinely care for her. She allows her to do so much trash shit to her and other people and still able to call her a friend (which she is a good one for). Sae’s behavior is based on not having to be held to high expectations based on her childhood. She still has no right to act like a bitch.

One thing I did approve of from this volume is that Kairi and Momo do officially get married in the end. But it was not worth 194 pages.


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