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Peach Girl Next Vol. 1

So I have been up since 5:00 a.m. this morning determined to finish the first volume before I go to class at nine and buy volume two on Friday. I don't know about anyone else but I stan Peach Girl. I love Momo and Sae needs to be dragged, period. Toji was never a good fit for her with his standoffish disposition. Kairi and Momo deserve a happy ever after with no interference. I won't go into too much detail because this is only volume one and I would like to spare those who have not read it yet or have not seen or read the prequel to the manga series.

Peach Girl Next is 10 years later after the final decision of the love triangle between Momo, Toji, and Kairi. At the end of the original, Momo chose Kairi. Now at 27 years old, they are not married but they live together. Kairi as a soba chef at his own restaurant and Momo is a scuba driving instructor. It all sounds perfect until the first conflict, they have not discussed marriage. My beliefs and opinion do not have to impede on anyone else's but I personally will not be buying a home or co-signing anything without confirmation that we plan on getting married and moving beyond the "forever fiancee" stage. Momo, on the other hand, hasn' t made it to fiancee status yet.

The second conflict, Sae. Excuse my language but why is this bitch still relevant? Is she that jealous of Momo that she has to continuously pop-up to cause trouble. At this point, if Momo does not fight her by the end of the set volume series I'm going to be highly upset. This girl has tormented and harassed everyone from the triangle. She had her happy ending with the actor in the previous story and still could not leave anyone alone. Now how does Toji fit into the mix? He is just a pone of Sae's at this point. That entire plot of him being a "roommate" knowing how she is, is pathetic because he has seen first hand how she treated Momo and Kairi, and he still decides to move in with her. It doesn't matter about how tragic and sad his new current life problems are he's entertaining the situation to a certain extent.

After I follow up with volume two I'll indulge deeper into my explanation and spill the tea. Ultimately I love the sequel and hopes there is a happy ending for all the characters, mainly to see Momo finally get the happily ever after she has always wanted.

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