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Peach Girl Next Vol. 2


Vol. 2 is from the perspective of Sae. Now at this point the first chapter is reviewing everything that happened in vol. 1 only from her side. I honestly did not care to much for her in the first manga. I still don't care for her.

As it goes on, she had a near death experience and Toji has minor PTSD over the situation and shows her compassion. In return Sae has "fallen in love" with him. Now i don't know how I feel about this plot twist. After all this time she now has real feelings for him? Then all it took was for him to be worried about her instead of Momo-chan? Also to put into perspective all the things she has done to him. Why would he return the feelings? Yes, there is no doubt that Toji is a great guy because he helps out the girl he use to love and puts up with Sae's shit knowing everything she has done from blackmailing him to what she recently did to Kairi.

I don't approve of this match for the simple fact that Sae is a bitch. Plus change does not happen in literal days. She was not thinking about that man when she was trying to ruin Momo's happy ending? So why should Momo respect hers?

When is Momo and Kairi getting married as well?

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