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Are You Prepared To Be My Girl? Vol. 1


Rated M (18+)

Mai is a poor university student who was chosen to be a model for a cosmetic company ran by Saionji. She doesn't understand why she was chosen though. He teases her and doesn't answer any of her questions. All he responds with is, "you have beautiful skin." Mai feels like she falling for him, but wonders if he is really genuine with her. This is a raunchy cinderella love story.

The first volume is 50 pages and the story escalates quickly from the boy meets girl scene to kissing to sex. The sex in this publication is definitely a lot. So if you're interested in smut this is it. I currently don't know what to think of this story besides that it is just hentai. I have not been hooked on the plot development yet. I hope to see where the love aspect of the story begins in this four-volume series.

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