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Are You Prepared To Be My Girl? Vol. 2

Volume one of this series had me so excited that I bought the second volume at two o'clock in the morning.

So for starters the volume picks up where it left off in the previous edition. So it begins very spicy and heated. So we left off with introducing the main characters, Mai, the poor university student, and Saionji, the rich businessman and student. Saionji has taken a liking to Mai. In return Mai is confused as to why. He even gives her a job as being his new model for his cosmetic company because of her good complexation.

In this volume, Mai confirms her confusion is really love. She is in love with Saionji. But she is unsure of Saionji's feelings for her. On a trip to a bath house that she won in a raffle she invites him to with her and a few tag-a-longs follow. PLEASE REREAD THE BATH SCENE. I still have chills from the scene. But her reaction during it confirms that she fell hard for him. Does he feel the same way?

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