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Are You Prepared To Be My Girl? Vol. 4

Left off from the previous volume, Kei confronts Mai. Come to find out he is not interested in her at all. He only wants to know what her intentions are with Saionji. After their conversation, Saionji sees them together and gets the wrong idea. That leads to an uncomfortable limo ride back to Mai's apartment. On the ride to the apartment, Saionji basically tells her he doesn't care what she does. She takes this to heart and jumps out of the car and declares that she wants knowing to do with him (which is a lie).

Saionji follows her and stalks her apartment which leads her to retrieve him from the rain and reside at her place for the night which ends in a night of passion. The scene speaks more emotion that the two has for each than the one-sided interactions that they have between each other. The next day it is time for Mai to prepare for the fashion show, that Saionji created just for her. She decides to want to repay him by helping the stagehands and practices in order to give the best show. During the entire preparation of the show, Saionji avoids Mai and Mai is not sure if the night they shared was a dream or not. The truth is that the previous night did indeed take place and the reason for Saionji"s strange behavior is because he admits he is unable to control himself around her (Insert another spicy scene).

The volume ends with Mai's ultimate decision to confess her feelings to him after the fashion show. Unfortunately, this series only has four volumes so the reactions and behaviors between the characters, and the use of inferencing skills are all the reader has to go off of to conclude that they do love each other but we are unsure how they will end up exclusively together.

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