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Peach Girl NEXT Vol. 4

In this volume of Peach Girl Next, Sae managed to not annoy me. She honestly was helpful and somewhat wholesome until she snuck into Toji's bedroom while he was asleep to kiss him.

In regards to Momo and Kairi's relationship, jealousy and lack of trust are starting to resurface because of Toji's daughter and Kairi's first love, Misao Aki. The two just need to have a conversation about boundaries in order to make each other comfortable.

When Misao decides to randomly invite Toji to a hotel, is just thirsty and trifling. Toji was the main character that did make my blood pressure boil during this volume. Why is this man so dense? He didn't notice Sae's bullshit in the original series, he didn't realize Momo's feelings in the original series, he doesn't believe Sae's confession (though it was not directly confessed to him but his mother-in-law), and now as a grown man he isn't capable of adding together the purpose of being brought to a hotel by an older woman? I simply can not.


I did not have much commentary on this volume unlike the others simply because nothing seemed odd to me. There are only four more volumes left of this series left and I can't wait to see the endgame because I genuinely hope Momo and Kairi can make it down the aisle and for Toji and Sae... I could honestly care less about their ending.

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