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Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase (2004)

I decided to rewatch this series off of a whim. I don't know what prompted me to do so. I do remember when I first watched Moon Phase I was 14 and going through a vampire romance phase, which involved Hellsing, Diablo Lovers, Vampire Knight, Dance of the Vampire Bund, and Karin. Anything dealing with sucking necks and pale skin I wanted to watch it.

Growing up Morioka Kouhei was not able to see spirits or use psychic powers like the rest of his family. So he took on more "normal" aspirations, such as becoming a photographer. Unfortunately, though he can't see the spirits physically, he can capture them through a len perfectly. One day on a trip to Germany, to capture photos of a mysterious castle. During his photo op he meets a young girl, Hazuki. He thinks nothing of her, besides the fact that she's a beautiful girl. Because of his thick headedness, Hazuki (Haz) tries to turn Kouhei into her slave by sealing a blood pact with him. Oddly it seems he is immune to her kiss by still decides to help her.


Kouhei isn't very attractive in the series compared to his cousin, Seiji.

He also lacks anytime of power until the very last battle. The reasoning being that he seems like such a supporting character is because as a child he had his psychic abilities surpressed which made him supernaturally-declined. He is considered the most powerful psychic within his clan. Along with his surpressed powers he is also an "Ama Lamia" which is the Vampire Lover. This means that the vampires curse does not apply to him; any servant who partakes in his blood is released for all contracts of their masters.

Now concerning his relationship with Haz. It is not clearly stated how old either of these two characters are. It can be assumed that Kouhei is at least 18 years old and that Haz is younger than 16. I make this assumption because of the "sibling" boundary that they use but also the fact that he refers to her as a child multiple times. I'm not sure if this can be considered a pedophilia or not because it seems only right with their chemistry but the indirect age difference is what is bothering me. It is clear though, that in the end that they distinctly do have feelings for each other beyond siblings.


Hazuki, nicknamed Haz, is a pretty straight forward character as well. she doesn't have a last name. It can be assumed because her castle was in Germany, that she is most likely from both Japanese and European roots. Personality wise, she is very selfish for forcing Kouhei into her drama. She uses him to escape her Rapunzel situation, to search for her mother. Although she does find her mother last message to her. she knowns that her mother has past a long time ago. Even more selfish is once she realizes that Kouhei is unable to bend to her will, she still forces herself upon his household and him because he is her "slave."

I do wish that they explained who Luna was more indepth. She is an alternate ego to Haz that is forced on her by her father (who is never seen during the entire series.) Luna physically looks similar to Hazuki, because she looks more mature. I'm not asking for a prequel but maybe just a few OVAs or at least if there we some epiodes that were inserted towards the end as to why Luna is so important beyond the fact that she has the ability of a day-walker.


There are many other characters within the series that play a huge roll in aiding Kouhei to protect Hazuki. Unfortunately, they don't have much of a back story nor character development for me to do so.

I'm more of an anime matchmaker in my own right so I rather decide who the unexpected or potential romance is. In this case Grandpa (Ryuuhei Midou) and Elfriede.

Elfriede was the daughter of Count Kinkell who is the first vampire the clan battles. She is what is considered a Ludo; a human who is turned into a vampire and forced to serve their master unless they kiss a Vampire Lover. Her special ability is summoning monsters and supernatural creatures. Before joining forced with Hazkui, she studied the relationship between both Kouhei and Haz to determine if he was a Vampire Lover. In a way she grew jealous of the couple because of the freedom they had and she desired it so much that is consumed her to the point she got them involved with The Count to break free and join their clan.

Grandpa, on the other hand, is your average antique shop owner and spiritualist. When he takes in Hazuki into his home, there were deeper motives that were no longer addressed after his daughter, Kouhei's estranged mother's (Chizuru) guardian spirit was found on the edge of death. Grandpa's kind heart couldn't allow the spirit to die nor did he have time to extract its memories to find out what happened to Chizuru, so he reassigned the spirit to Haz so she would never be alone.


The series itself is cute and only has 26 episodes. 1-25 is the plot itself and the 25th is just an OVA. It is a great filler. I have yet to read the manga in case there is more information on Hazuki and Kouhei's parents or her form as Luna. This is my third time watching it and you don't need the fall season as a reason to watch it.

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