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My Bride Is a Mermaid (2007)


The wait is finally over! I am officially off of my hiatus until I go into another one (these series take time to watch). Luckily this past Sunday (today is September 23, 2019) I was able to finish Fruits Basket, If it were for my daughter and this series. 

I started this series years ago and never finished. I'm not sure why, but I have an idea. The plot itself was simple, it is nothing more than a romantic comedy in the middle, only the beginning and the end of the series focuses on the actual romance. Even the final episode itself was wild and didn't make any functioning sense to me, it was like an unnecessary Expendables movie. 

In summary, Nagasumi Michishio spends his summer vacation visiting his grandmother in Seto. On his trip to the beach, he drowns and is saved by a beautiful mermaid named Sun Seto. In return so she does not receive the death penalty based on mermaid law, she has to marry Nagasumi. The gag is... she's apart of the merman yakuza! Since the arrangement they move in together and live their lives as middle school fiances while battling with Sun's crazy dad and others who interfere with their marriage. 


So I have no negative comments to save about the following main characters: 

 Although their relationship was cute to watch and deserve to be together. Sun's "Honor among thieves" scenes about the yakuza's code killed me in every episode. Like okay already shut the fuck up. 


But Lunar and her dad. I have no issues with Lunar, but why was her dad inspired after Arnold Schwarzenegger, from Terminator?

 Edomae did mention he let down Lunar's mom, which they don't show her at all in the series. I wish to know what he meant by that specifically? He also did not fit the persona of someone who was the CEO of a construction business and seemed to fit more of a middle aged actor because he is an animated Terminator. 

Another thing I noticed with Lunar was that she was a mascohist (there is nothing wrong with my Pain Gang). But she looked every pleased when she tortured Nagasumi. She is definitely a Dom.


I also would like to thank the artist for making the monkey-jokes related character non-black. Chimp (Sarutobi Hideyoshi) definitely added to the comedy without being brown skin and got the point across that he was a monkey. 

 An actual character who was brown-skin and can be considered black in the series is Masa.

Who is one of the hitmen for the Seto Gang and also Nagasumi's first kiss (it can be implied that Nagasumi is bisexual because of his attraction to Masa though he denies it). The plot twist though, is that Masa is not actually a black man, he is a persona he created when he lost his memory and is actually a Japanese swordsman and the older brother of the infamous snake ass bitch, Akeno Shiranui.

This bitch Akeno is also a mermaid and a mermaid examiner. As a mermaid examiner she has the authority to deport mer-people who are unable to qualify at humans or who give up their identities as mer-people. When she first entered the plot she came off as a bitch with a bad attitude but later on it was proved that she was indeed a snake as bitch. Her job was not only to examine Nagasumi and Sun but to also break them up. PLUS hand sun over to a mer-nobleman afterwards.

 Now, this motherfucker was annoying (but I did watch it dubbed). Once he entered the series is when the plot got darker. Sun and Nagasumi had just had their first fight and Nagasumi took Sun for granted. So to give him some space Sun left to go to a "party" with her family hosted by this guy. At first, I was thinking it was going to be a noblemen's ball and he tries to push on her in a jerky dick kind of way. Well, I was wrong. He drugged her and imprisoned her family. It was basically implied that he was going to rape her prior to or after marrying her because she was so drugged that all her physical and mental senses were impaired. 

Side note, the way Nagasumi goes Super Sayian in the end to defeat him was extra as fuck. The overall finale I can't even comprehend to describe how fucking unnecessary and stupid it was. Based on the thumbnail photo on Funimation for this episode I thought it would finally be their wedding, which I would have rather witnessed than what I was subjected to. 


My final thoughts are that it was a funny series and a good filler anime to pass the time. The baddie of the series was Ren Seto, Sun's mother. She had the calmest demeanor and the most common sense compared to any other character. She also supported all the students with their decisions and was the one who had all the advice and wisdom the entire series minus Masa. Ren is a true milf. 

 Lastly, the side bitch of the series is mainly irrelevant but she makes a few appearances, is the class rep, Iinchou, though she is extremely pretty without her glasses she knew Nagasumi was not interested in her. 


I did leave out a lot of characters and this review is all over the place because the anime itself is a hot ass mess of a chaotic young cute romance that it is. 

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