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Peach Girl NEXT vol. 5

So I'm back for another manga review. It's been almost two months since I did one. I missed Momo and Kairi. Toji and Sae I'll pass on. We left off on Momo feeling insecure about Kairi rekindling his connection with Misao.

Sae didn't do much in the last volume which I was proud of her but it didn't last too long. This bitch has an obsession with set-ups, date-rape drugs, and hotel rooms. WHY!? At this point being 27-years-old it is time to stop being jealous of your "best friend" and her relationship. 

The overall point of this volume was Sae attempted to seek revenge against Momo for saying out of carelessness that she would prefer Toji with Misao. Sae took that to heart and started plotting from there. 

  1. Telling Kairi to break up with Momo for Misao because she's lonely.

  2. Having Kairi leave work to figure out why she was at Misao's house. 

  3. Setting up Misao at a hotel knowing Kairi would leave Momo to make sure she was okay.

It was revealed When Sae went to visit Misao initially, it was to figure out why she and Toji were in a hotel room together.

She found out about her virginity and tried to use that against her. Before that, she also pissed off Toji. When she caught them leaving the hotel (which she also had a room), she continued to question him like they were in a relationship together and he refused to answer and switched everything to the focus of his daughter. She decided to respond with "who cares?" So ever since then, he was upset with her. Scared that Toji was interested in Misao, Sae decides to go through his phone, watch him while he sleeps, and go through his drawers, to discover that they met up again later on. Which also revealed that he wants to move out later. 

This is making Momo and Kairi's engagement even more difficult because the reason they broke up before was that Kairi was in love with Misao. Her being back in the picture is stirring up emotions for the couple. Jealousy between Kairi and Toji and jealousy between Momo and Misao. Momo's insecurities are revealed that she feels he isn't and hasn't been choosing her lately. Her feeling flip-flops depending on the situation but the truth is twisted by Sae because she wants Momo to hurt the same way she is. 

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