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Ancient Magus Bride (Vol. 12)


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a long year and I hope to never speak of what happened in 2020 for years to come!

For my birthday I went to Florida thinking I was going to go to Disney World again. But on the flight there I was able to catch up on some manga.

Also side note: As I type this I am watching this first episode of The Promise Neverland (2019) second season.


We left off in volume 11 in the garden after discovering that Chise's group conversation was being eavesdropped by Philomela, Rian's cousin.

They decided to create a blood pact to keep her quiet for the time being. A few of the chapters illustrated that Philomela is longing for friendship and acceptance because she comes from an abusive household. The abuse is apparently brought on by who is hereditary of the bloodline and household. So it can be assumed that she is the head of the house but the family does not want to recognize her right.


Then there's Alice having "daddy issues." She is unable to get over the fact that she could not protect her "master" from being attacked and handicapped by Joseph. (That is her daddy!)

Both her and Renfred, made it clear how they see their relationship. Alice think of him as her master, mentor, and someone she owes her life too. As far as Renfred, he considers her as his adopted daughter and that his purpose in her life is to protect her and allow her to be a child (because she is estimated to be 16-17 years old). One thing is for sure that they love each other enough to want to protect each other. Alice is just unable to understand that everything she thinks Renfred is to her are all the identifiers of a father figure not a master.

With all her frustration and guilt she decides to confide in Chise and have a girls night out aka a sleepover. (Besties!!!)

They discuss not only Alice's daddy issues but also Chise's martial/daddy issues.

Chise still has not decided on what type of relationship she wants with Elias. She just knows she is content with what they currently have.


Towards the end of the volume. The students discover that they will be going on a camping trip that will test their survival skills in the Scottish highlands. During the trip so far it ends with Lucy being attacked and Chise being there to attempt to help her.

I did receive a copy of volume 13 for my birthday so that review should come in the near future. Keep in mind I am moving so that will take some time but I am working on it slowly but surely. I am eager to start the actual anime and see the visuals of this arc come to life because the teaser was just so beautiful.

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