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Angel Links (1999)

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

There use to be this bookstore that I considered magical. They sold vintage games and consoles, records, vhs, dvds, cds, and more. My older brother picked up two dvds from the anime section and handed it to me. It was the first half of the series Angel Links, episodes 1-8. At first I was confused by the cover art as to why a cat with batwings were in a woman's cleavage but also why were her boobs so huge (I was only 10 at the time). As of MLK day, 2020 I can officially say that I have finally completed the series physically and visually.

My usual updates (self-roasting) I...still... have... not... finished...Jubei-Chan. I don't know what is wrong with me I simply just don't have a desire to finish it since I have seen it 3 times prior to starting it again. I would much rather start the second season but it is not on DVD. I did however start a few other series on Crunchy roll, along with starting Gundam Stardust (I still hate Mechas). I subscribed to the wait list at my local manga shop to get the latest copy of Ancient Magus Bride Vol. 12.


If you are a fan of Outlaw Star by Takehiko Ito then you're in luck because this is a sequel. This sequel follows a 16-year-old girl, Meifon Li, who inherits a large corporation that's mission is to protect transportation companies from pirates for free (basically a multi-million non-profit). This was the wish of her pasted grandfather. This is just the general plot. I say this because, after episode eight everything gets dark and deep. Around the first or second episode, a grave is revealed to be a child's named Meifon Li.


The Meifon that is the main character is a bio-android assassin that is meant to activate when she encounters the pirate who betrayed her grandfather, Leon Lao. The betrayal that was committed, he killed the granddaughter and daughter of pirate now reformed businessman Li.

Leon could not catch a break. But at the same time he was pig of a man. I say this because, he killed Li's family because he decided to retire and start a non-profit and at the same time he was in love with his daughter. That's why it was so easy for him to fall in love with Meifon because she was modeled after the real Meifon with accentuated features that complimented and resembled the daughter. Not only that, Leon had planned to dissect Meifon to create other androids like her to sell them on the black market (he also ran a non-profit orphanage and used a child as a weapon again Meifon, what a dick!?)

In the end, he confessed his love for Meifon, when he sacrificed himself to save her knowing that she was an android with super-human abilities. It was his gift to her to live a normal life prior to her timer of death (her grandfather gave her a deadline to live, she would die whether she killed Leon or not).

He did die but not by her hands and she lived her life on the countryside. She spent her last day telling the story of her life to an old woman to later go to bed and die in her sleep. Which I thought was a sad ending to such a lovable character because the timer could have at least stopped if she accomplished her task but I guess Grandpa Li wasn't that nice, there should either be a real Meifon walking on Earth or not at all. It was ultimately a tragic but satisfying plot. As for the Angel Links Corporation it was ran by the Board of Directors while the "bodyguard" department was disbanded.


As a side note, Kousei Hida and Meifon were my ship of the series. I liked their chemistry way more than I did her and Leon (not to mention Leon was a 25 possibly older-year-old man to her 16).

At the same time Kousei was a fuckboy. He had a pirate change her mind and quit her crew to go on a date with him. That same episode it showed all the other women he went out with and possibly even had sexual encounters with as well.

Another side-note I never knew how much I needed a titty-cat until I watched this series.


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