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Eternity Shin ya no Nurekoi Channel DX (2021)



How was everyone's Father's Day Weekend? I personally do not care to dive directly into the details of mine but it was good for the most part.

I feel like I should've did a post for anime fathers but maybe next time.

Somehow this past weekend, I ended up watching some hentai out of boredom. Like have you ever watched a hentai for the plot and not the sex?

I don't know why but sometimes, ecchi is not enough to convey an intimate scene between MCs. Sometimes I want more than just titties, ass, and panty shots. Sometimes, the illustration of knowing the male romantic interest is horny, is just not enough. Like okay??? He started puberty? Where do you progress from here, because I am a grown woman and these characters are attractive? Give me the meat and potatoes, give me the raunciness, give me the spice.

In the words of Pop Smoke, "I want it all. I'm a slut. Get me lit. What's up?"

Anyways, I was on Hentai Haven, I did not make it further than the Popular/New page when I clicked on this particular series.

It was a compilation on mini episodes. So you got 2 hours of spicy romances that were pretty much predictable but had different background stories between the characters, but all were pretty much the same outcome, and two sex scenes each, within a 15-minute time slot for each mini episode.

All the women had different hair color and body types. Unfortunately all the men, body-wise stayed the same. You had your typical glasses, business man, rich boy archetypes. All of the male MCs basically fit all those descriptions. As for the women they varied in bra size and height. But all of them pretty much were subordinate coworkers, part-timers, career women with bad love lives.

My only issue with the series, is that each couple you knew they were going to be together, it was very predictable. Literally two sex scenes per couple. Like how are you dating or married and only have sex twice? There also was not enough conflict with the couples. Each conflict that was introduced had very simple resolutions; one being.... wait for it...

Do not get me wrong the scene were hot. But I feel I could've gotten 4 good episodes out of a few of the scenarios given.

The better question is, would I watch this again? There is a possibility. But it is so long I would more than likely skip to the scenes that are my top two per each 1-hour compilation.

I do recommend it to anyone who likes hopeless romantic type of hentai. It is definitely more intimate and sensual compared to some of the genres I've watched.


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