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Golden Boy (1995)

I finally finished a series after 2 weeks of doubt and false promises! SIKE! But no, seriously, lately I have been in a period of where I have been more drawn to manga and unable to finish anime series. I would start them and like them and then I would stop all together. I think this is mainly because my interests in genres are changing. I'm more into serious, sci-fi, deep romance, NANA (2000) type of vibes. Although this particular series is none of those (lol) it does have its moments. I originally heard of the series when I was on Twitter and someone from the ani-Twitter community was pushing the Golden Boy agenda for almost a week. Then I heard about it again later on, during this week when BlackGirlsAnime was pushing the agenda too, so I knew had to give it a try, and ended up loving it.


Golden Boy, is a sex comedy that was originally a manga that was then adapted into a television series (6 episode OVA). It is about a 25-year-old freelancer (or professional part-timer), pervert, and "travelling student" named Kintaro Oe.

"Despite having met the requirements for a law degree, he left Tokyo University with graduating..." (this is an excerpt from the series ending dialogue). The series overall is a depiction of Kintaro living his best life! He is an overall free spirit; going town to town, job to job (many odd jobs), and big titty women to big titty women. But each place he goes he leaves his mark on this women and those that are connected to them, regardless of his horrible first-impressions.

Lastly he observes everything and everyone and leaves notes and doodles within his personal notebook which contains all his "knowledge."


I will argue that between Madam President and Ayuko Hayami, it is a tie on who is the baddest in the series (Yes, I am ignoring the woman you would have sex with motorcycle, because she is clearly crazy).

Madam President (Swipe left for titties)

Ayuko Hayami (Swipe Left for ass and titties)


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