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Peach Girl NEXT Vol. 7

I was so hung up and in shock by how everything ended in Volume 6 that I had to purchase Volume 7 the same night. By this time, y'all would have received the subscription e-mail that revealed that I am now apart of the full-time work force. You would also be aware of all the manga that I have bought, that I wanted to share will you all.

So in this volume of the series, if starts off where it left off with Toji being half-sleep and kisses Momo. He claims that he was dreaming of their relationship from when they were in high school. Odd? So there is a possibility that Toji has fallen for her again because of the circumstances of her and Kairi (I'm #TeamMomo&Kairi and #TeamToji&Miaso).

The entire volume mainly focuses on Momo and her feelings about her current relationship versus her and Toji. She decided to pack all of Kairi's clothes and deliver them to Misao's home and has been spending more time with Toji and his daughter Miu. I ultimately feel as thought Toji is infautated with Momo because no only is he a widow but because Momo is able to care and love for his daughter like she was her own. Miu even learned to say "mama", whom she refers to Momo as.

Momo basically decided to half-return Toji's feelings by saying she needs time to heal from Kairi before jumping into his arms. She even had a talk with her former fiancee to return the key to their house and got an apartment. She was completely over the relationship like the original series and still "homie-hopping!" Unfortunately, the one who overhears the entire conversation is Sae.

I predict that at some point Sae may become the hero of the plot, though she has played a particle villian. I feel as though she is going to attempt to get Kairi and Momo back together in order to claim Toji. This is only an assumption. This volume just released December 17th so it will be a while until Volume 8 comes out to confirm or denied my prediction. But if Sae is able to become the heroin of this tale she as a character or "friend" may be redeemed from all the past bullshit she has committed from the prequel to now.

I had a chance to do some research and found out that Vol. 8 will be released sometime this month January 2020. It will also be the last installment of the series. I also discovered that there is another spin-off for Sae called Peach Girl: Sae's Story (2002) which is three volumes and focuses on her love life during her early twenties. So I will definitely be adding this to the list. Possibly a Valentines Day gift to myself!

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Khrista Robinson
Khrista Robinson
Jul 16, 2020

This whole sequel makes no sense at all completely rewrites the whole original series. I hate the author at this point

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