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  • D.

The Cat Returns (Neko no Ongaeshi) (2002)


A 17-year-old girl saves the prince of cats from being hit by a car. She now finds herself engaged to him and lost in a world where only the oh so, dapper, Baron, can help her.

I never was a cat person. This film just made it worse. But it is only an animation but in reality, I still will not associate with a cat but I'll continue to rewatch this film. In another Ghibli film from 2002, this is no disappointments. Haru lacks self-confidence throughout the duration of her adventure until the end. She teaches her audience that it is okay to be yourself, love thy self, and never doubt who you are. How she presents herself in the end before the credit was the actual definition of "cool." Although I am unsure what symbolism the cat theme holds all together. The Baron, on the other hand, was the symbolism of love and a hero in "Whisper of The Heart," he returned to symbolize Haru's self-doubt. The way he was there for her and helped her until the end and provided her with so much wisdom, there is no disagreement. I would not call this a sequel but it was a cute continuation on what happened to The Baron and Muta after their adventure with Honna.


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