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Redline (2011)



So first, I'll address the quote, that was what my brother told me, when he came home from work with the dvd in his hand.

"Just so you know the movie solely focuses on the race," he said.

Personally I generally dislike a lot of the anime my brother tends to bring my way because I think the plots are stupid or the endings are disappointing.

Now let's get straight into it, shall we? The image before you is known as Redline. It was created by the same team as Space Dandy (if you're a Cowboy Bebop fan I highly recommend). Overall the movie has great artwork. The music is also a bop. My only issue is solely on the fact that it does focus on the race and everything around the race was a pointless add-on. For example, Roboworld almost destroyed their entire planet just because they didn't want the race to be on their planet. The romance between Sweet JP and Sonoshee McLaren was hit and miss for me. I did like the romance but execution was trash to me. As the audience we do understand that JP knows Sonoshee from when they were kids, but she doesn't remember him, it seems. Then once she realizes that he is a former criminal, she starts to distance herself but as fate would have it her vehicle crashed and he was willing to share the rest of the way with her in his car. Needless to say I'll let you guess how the race went.

I do recommend this movie if you're a huge Cowboy Bebop or Space Dandy stan.


Shhhhhhhh.... don't tell anyone but here is a bootleg!

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