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Oruchuban Ebichu

Graphic done by me via Photoshop lol.

I bet no one was wondering what it would look like if Hamtaro and Shin Chan had a drunken one night stand and did crack the entire pregnancy. Well, Ebichu would be that child. How did I stumble upon this gem of a series? Well, the answer is Twitter, unfortunately. I came across a tweet that was using Ebichu as a gif meme and I assumed it was an old version of Hamtaro that I never knew about. I was wrong. Someone gracefully dropped the name of the series in the mentions and I googled it and ended up watching the entire 12 episode series on Youtube.

I have never witnessed hentai and animal cruelty in one scene before. Neither have I seen a man have an ejection over a hamster. This is not a child-friendly anime, definitely 18 and up, because of the hentai and blood. I don't know how to feel that a hamster that looks like my favorite Ham Ham, could have Shin Chan stupidity. Though I do appreciate Shin Chan as a work of art personal. But in an animal perspective with sex heavily involved, I am just at a lost for words. It is very funny. If you are not a fan of the Shin Chan art style I would not recommend it, nor would I recommend it if you're not a fan of hentai scenes. I personally do not mind hentai scenes its the fact that Ebichu watches it. Then her owner beats the shit out of her like she didn't know the hamster was watching her in her studio apartment. It is not a must-see series. It is more of it you are bored and have nothing else to watch, have at it. It can be compared to a "Netflix and Chill" type of series.

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