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Armed Girl's Machiavellism (2017)


This series had a lot of potential. A very special person to me recommended that I watch it in my spare time. It only has twelve episodes and it is posted on youtube. I am unsure where else you can watch it. There is a warning, I have not read the manga, I only watched the anime series. 

The plot consists of Aichi Symbiosis Academy was a private school meant for young women of a high class and standard. It then became co-ed, which gave the permission of the usage of weapons for the female student body. The weapons are used to correct and discipline the male students. The key weapon holders of the series are known as the Five Swords, which is an organization of women who correct the problematic students. Nomura Fudou is the main character who transfers to Aichi due to a huge conflict that he was apart of at his previous school. As the new student, he makes an impression with not wanting to follow the rules and conform like the rest of his male peers. His only option is to conform or be corrected and forced. 


For starters, I would like to praise Tamaba, Satori, because I stan a green hued odd-ball character. I just loved her weirdness and her incapability to express emotions properly. She is just so adorably weird. I get quirky vibes from her character. I ultimately don't know why I like her so much but I do. 

Then Inaba, Tsukuyo, she is so cute. I love white hair and red-eyed character archetype. Please note she primarily has her eyes closed the entire series. She also looks like the love child between Sesshomaru and Kikyo. She's a chibi version of Sesshomaru dressed as a priestess. I love the entire vibe. I do dislike her know-it-all attitude though because she is a child but her role is a child prodigy. I would like to see a prologue series of her upbringing and training or while she is older, I picture her being a baddie when she is at least 16 or older. 


The overall plot of the series was very disappointing because it had so much potential for harbor more. Like a backstory of each character could have inserted into the series. Like the episode, the count could have been extended. The only backstories that were explored were Amou, Kirukiru, Nomura, and Onigawara. All of which were lacking full explanations as well. 

If I were to rewrite the series I have two plots in mind. One, Nomura transfers to the school, he is a problematic student and Amou is trying to correct him and ends up falling in love with him and helping him out of trouble along the way and later confesses to him. I did agree that Amou and Nomura made a better couple than Onigawara or Mary.

My second choice of a plot-line would be that Nomura transfers to the academy in search of his sister Amou, to bet her and success her. Either they are twins or Amou is his senpai, the sibling relation did not matter. But the academy is focused on martial arts and Amou is the empress still because of strength and technique but also to be a part of the Five you have to bet them and replace one. Something along those lines. But that would ultimately defuse the masochistic relationship between Amou and Nomura because it was very clear in the last episode that Amou wants Nomura to hurt her and keep him all to herself. I would love to explore a plot like that. Her expression in the photo above of her arousal reminds me so much of Jabami, Yumeko from Kakegurui. 


I more than likely would never watch this again but it is a great filler series when you are waiting for the next Crunchyroll update or a season to premiere. 

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