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DNA^2 (1994)


So I started watching this series right after Twelve Kingdoms because it was recommended to me by Amazon Prime. Now I don't know how to feel because this was the most disrespectful recommendation I have ever received.

So I would describe this series as a plot about a fuckboy who is being tracked down by a geneologist from the future who is in charge of stopping him from becoming a the ultimate fuckboy who impregnants 100 plus women which causes the world to be overpopulated. Now the actual summary is, A DNA operator from the future, Karin, is sent on a mission to change the course of history and time by stopping Junta Momonari from becoming the Mega-Playboy who in the future has fathered 100 children and caused the overpopulation of the world. Unfortunately, present day Junta is not a playboy at all, in actuality is he incapable of being one because he is allergic to women.


Junta Momonari, who is the main character, on the right is him as the mega-playboy (cough! fuckboy). Honestly, he was more attracted in his transformation but the "magical girl" "Sailormoon" transformation scene would always be the turnoff. Then the fact that he is allergic to women besides his childhood friend, Ami Kurimoto, is just wild to me. When he is around women or attempts to look at porn he has the urge to throw up. But in his playboy state, he is able to overcome this allergy and flirting and speak to women without hesitation. My biggest issue with fuckboy was he lowkey acted like one towards Ami. The entire series he continuously said he didn't have any feeling towards her. That he only had feelings for Karin. It took Tomoko Saeki, the second woman introduced who he expresses an attraction too, and Karin to tell him that he was in love with Ami to get the idea incepted into his mind.

As for Ami she is just a plain jane. My only issue with her is that she allow Junta to get passed around the entire storyline towards the end until Karin officially left in the OVA. I personally would not respect this type of woman. She even let her best friend have him even after she was the one who confessed her love for him first. Like what in the actual fuck and girl code? I wanted to genuinely slap this bitch so many times. She also made it onto my Real Sidechicks of Anime thread on twitter because of her willingness to be a second option type of woman. But on the bright side, her history and willingness to do anything for Junta is why he would never become the Mega-fuckboy. The reason being she was in love with the original Junta not his transformation. She is the only one who can make his convert back into his ordinary self. Also the fact that she is the only one who doesn't make him sick makes her a perfect match.


Name one blue haired beauty from an anime series that isn't a baddie? I'll wait... Karin was overall the prettiest in the entire series.

Karin Aoi doesn't look it but she is 16 years old. She's from the future when it's overpopulated by Junta's offspring. The funny thing about the one job she had, she was supposed to extract the chromosome that makes him the Mega-fuckboy, but the funny part is she is the reason why he became the Mega-playboy in the first place. When they met she had the wrong bullet that is supposed to alter DNA. The bullet she shot Junta with gave him the Mega-fuckboy gene. I lied she also fell in love with the original Junta as well. She was able to return his feelings because he fell in love with her at first sight. He was in love with her until the last episode when she left the first time. Unfortunately was not able to verbally convey that she was in love with him because of the time difference and that he ultimately needed to love Ami in return.


There is not much commentary I can give on this series. The only reason being is because it was in a total of 15 episodes and the last three were OVA. The antagonist of the plot, was Tomoko's ex-boyfriend, who was a contradicting fuckboy himself, Ryuji.

This man was jealous that Tomoko fell in love with Junta that he wanted to kill him... but cheated on her. Later on in the OVA, when Junta's great-granddaughter comes from the future to assist her plus one, Ryuji gets his moment of fame again, by trying to kill Karin this time.

Junta does have some cute, baddie-looking offspring.

It took her to hurt Ami, to get Junta to acknowledge Ami, in an adoring way, "What did you do to my Ami!?"


Overall the last episode with Ryuji attempting to kill Junta was pointless because Tomoko exited the series in the fifth episode and Ryuji decides to pop up uninvited in the tenth episode with a plan to hurt Junta by attempting to rape Ami. I just think it was a pointless fight scene and battle in episode twelve. Along with the fact that there also shouldn't have been an OVA added. It was not good enough for an OVA. Who asked for an encore?

I would ultimately recommend this if you want a different form of a romance genre or just need a filler in between a shoujo.

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