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Kiddy Grade (2002)

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Growing up I only had the first two-disc of the series. So I only had access to episodes 1-8. I idolized both Eclair and Lumiere. When I was on the playground, I would swing my chapstick around and write on walls with it as if it could do the same things as Eclair's lipstick. I would even talk to computer screens and touch the ground and assume that I had the capability of reading particles.

Over my midterm break, I was able to finally finish this series and start the sequel to it. So far I much rather prefer the parent series.

In the future, humanity has expanded within space and colonized many planets. A special agency known as the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) has been formed to maintain the order within and between the colonies. Within the GOTT there is a smaller agency that is consists of enhanced human beings, born with special abilities that also gifts them non-aging, the ES Unit. Their job is to carry out secret missions to put a stop to major galactic crimes. Two operates who are apparently "low-ranking" (they are higher ranked it's just more complicated to explain because amnesia is involved), Eclair and Lumiere. Eclair's power is strength and bending of lipstick and Lumiere can control technology and particles.


As you flip through the slideshow you see the many looks of Eclair and Lumiere. The last one is from the sequel, Kiddy Girl-and (2009). Since I was not able to watch the entire series when I first saw the few episodes that I had I assumed that it was going to be similar to Angel Links or Outlaw Star vibes, two girls in space going on missions no actual plot to it.

Eclair is the main character of the series who is unable to escape from her past though she was revived many times and suffered from amnesia. She's a playful and fearless 16-year-old who serves the GOTT by her heart instead of orders. She possesses the G-Class (top class) ability known as "Power" which provides her with super speed and strength. Towards the end of the series, she is able to transfer her power to others to be used as energy.

The plot takes a turn for the worse when she apparently repeats history in aiding in a planet's independence which causes her to gain her old memories and powers. This then causes her and Lumiere to fake their deaths because they went against orders and became Galatic terrorists.

This Eclair is a mother as well. The last 4 episodes reveal that the GOTT Secretary is her son. Years before she been a GOTT agent she adopted a child who she raised until he was 8-year-old. When the GOTT formed they came to invite her to gain their forces which left, Chevalier D'Autriche, to be put into foster care and later adopted by a Nobless (Earthborn human).

Lumiere has been Eclair's partner from the beginning and she is so adorable. She appears to be younger than Eclair when they are actually the same age.

She compresses her body to the size of a child because it saves her energy for when she needs to be full power as an "adult." She can be more serious and likes to get the job done by the books but she will ultimately choose Eclairs side each time. With her ability to connect with particles and technology she is able to stay in contact with their space ship at all times. She also believes in a sense of elegance. She does not have a deep backstory compared to Eclairs. Though it can be assumed that she is either apart of the Nobless or from some wealth faction due to her home being a mansion. Since both and Eclair work "two jobs" as front desk attendants in the lobby of the GOTT and as ES agents. From the looks of Eclairs apartment, they don't seem to make much money with limited days off. But that's only an assumption.


So far it seems like a basic series that lacks action. After the terrorist act is when there is a battle between the rest of the GOTT and Eclair and Lumiere. The battle appears like they are the enemy when in actuality everyone is on it.

The image above does not contain all the members of the GOTT but most of whom were trying to stop Lumiere and Eclair from reaching Chief Eclipse office (image below).

Hopefully, I covered everyone in the slideshow below. The main antagonists of the series are the Nobless, of course. But an unexpected duo became the enemy in the end. When the terrorist attack began I assumed it would consist of Lumiere and Eclair on the run the entire series until they could convince the chief and everyone else to join their side and reform the GOTT. Well... I was way off and wrong.


The main antagonists of the series beyond the Nobless were GOTT agents, Dvergr and Alv.

This was an unexpected mother-daughter duo that was announced the same episode that Eclair's secret of being a mother was revealed. Unfortunately, I felt as though the only real villain was Alv. Dvergr was just doing whatever her daughter wanted. The bitch attempted to kill her own mother to seek her revenge on the Nobless. She said she hated the Nobless but never thoroughly explained where her hatred came from. Apparently, the relationship between the two women also supposed to be a secret to Alv as well.

Dvergr as her mother she was 19-years-old (since ES members don't age she is obviously older). They're also both S-class members who rank higher than Eclair and Lumiere. Alv has the ability to absorb power from others which includes absorbing someone's body and claiming it as her own as she does to Eclair and Lumiere and then later created clones and controlled them. Dvergr has a similar ability with the addition of reflex.

Dvergr did not have much of a personality though she followed through with the dirty work. Her personality wasn't revealed until that last episode when she wanted to be with Alv as they drifted into the sun (because Alv technically already died she just absorbed the body of a bootleg knockoff of a Gundam). She was a mother that wanted her daughter to be happy and her revenger was that.

It was also obvious that something was off with this duo by the way they left and treated Lumiere and Eclair when they shared a mission together. They basically just left them to die for no reason.


The series is 24-episodes of pure politics about immigration, terrorism, and privilege. It wasn't bad but I could have been better if it provided more backstory of the main characters and antagonists pasts. It is clear Eclair was rebooted (died and revived and purposely given amnesia) because she continuously fought with her past self once she regained her memories. Also, everyone knew she was a higher ranking member than she was. The chief also purposely gave her a mission to test whether or not she would make the same mistake again.

Both she and Lumiere beat death almost four times between the two of them throughout the entire serious.

I also would like to know more about Alv and her mother and what motivated them to seek revenge against the Nobless.

There is so much I left out but of the lack of explanation but there are many loose ends that were not given and from the looks of it won't be given in the sequel.

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