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Anonymous Noise (2017)

No, I have yet to finish Jubei-Chan and yes I am still watching other series in between. But I did catch up on Dr. Stone and Fire Force.

Anonymous Noise has been sitting in my queue on Amazon Prime for a while now and I decided why not. I have mixed emotions about this series because I am #TeamYuzu (the guy on the left). It is a threesome of unrequited love. Yes, another love triangle. It's nothing like Inuyasha, it's more of a battle of the bands with a hint of K-on! comedy but Vampire Knight dynamics and Gravitation melodies. Even when I finished Vampire Knight I was #TeamZero and felt the same way. The "friend" never wins.

A girl decides at a young age to wear a mask to prevent the feeling of suffocation. Every day she goes to the beach to sing a melody that was written for her by a friend that she relied on when the boy she fell in love with disappeared on her. Unfortunately, they both left her life unexpectedly without any notice. When she gets into high school she reunites with Yuzu, Kanade Yuzuriha. He was the one who composed the melody for her. When the reunite it is discovered that the band he is the lead of was created because of her and for her. Later on, the boy she is in love with, Momo Sakaki, who leaves his identity a secret also attends the same high school and is a famous pop group composer under an alias Both boys are composers, neither can sing, both desire her voice. The boy who loves the girl and keeps his love a secret, the girl who has been trying to express her love for the missing boy, and the boy who rather push the girl away. It's all so complicated.

Before I go into my spill, Nino (Alice), should have chosen Yuzu because he was there twice when Momo wasn't there. He never once treated her harshly compared to him as well. I don't feel as though Momo is deserving of her. I also feel bad for Yuzu because he confessed his feelings for Alice in his music, as well as created a band for her, kicked his lead singer out the band for her to take her place, helped her find Momo regardless of his own feelings, and always wanted her to be happy. In the end, he decided to write music for himself instead of Alice anymore. Though I'm not sure if the band is still together after their last performance but that's a question for the manga.

I also originally thought by the looks of the cover art that the series was about a mysterious and anonymous girl who sings. In her past, there were two men who came across it and now want to locate her and in other to find her they listen closely for her voice. I thought the series would be multiple perspectives of how they all meet in the end and then she makes her decision from there. Either way, what I got did give me goosebumps and butterflies. It was an emotional roller coaster and even the kiss between Yuzu and Nino just for a second made me want to take her place. I replayed the scene multiple times. Which is why she upset me with her decision. She even wrote an entire song for Yuzu and SUNG IT FOR MOMO!


Nino's story is pretty basic so I'll only focus on the men of the series because of their development and growth.

Six years ago Yuzu met Alice on the beach and gave her the nickname because he said her name was too long. He is older than her despite his size. The first day they met he was writing sheet music in the sand and she began to sing it. She loved his melody. He told her that he would never sing again if he tried to do it. Little did Alice know he was right. From a young age, he was sick and had a throat condition. The day that Alice began to cry he sung his song for her one last time. The next week they were supposed to meet he disappeared, leaving her feeling abandoned for the second time.

When they run into each other in High school he originally acts as if Alice doesn't exist. Then when she hums his song he realizes that it is her. The girl who has his voice. Since he was no longer able to sing he made her voice his and composed songs in her image, creating the band In No Hurry to Shout.

The original singer for the band was Miou Suguri, who has a crush on Yuzu but being sought after by the bass player of the band as well.

She later becomes Alice's first female friend and singing coach.

Also, it was discovered through older than everyone, Yuzu was held back due to the previous year he spent too much time working on the band. His mother also banned him from playing or being involved with music since he was a child after he lost his voice. She monitored his computer and phone. He mentions in the last few episodes that music did not kill his father, his mother is just crazy. So there is more to his backstory about his father and his love of music. So it can be implied that his love came from his father and that he was most likely a musician as well.

Yuzu loves Alice as more than friends but is willing to be solely friends with her until the end when he declared to Momo that her voice was his and that he plans on keeping her. But it is also obvious he can't do anything about his feelings because Alice is stupid and doesn't realize his feelings and also because she's still in love with Momo after everything that has happened.

How could you not chose Yuzu!? Alice is a dumbass.


Six years ago Momo Sakaki, was the neighbor of Nino. When they were children they would hold hands and go to school together.

At night they sang as long as they could to block out the sound of his parents arguing.

The night of the festival he was going to confess his love to her and got choked up and ended up telling her that he would also find her by the sound of her voice. That's was prompted Nino to sing every day until she found him.

Once in high school, Momo also joined the music business as a famous composer. Due to his mother's extreme debt, he had no choice but to sell the music he wrote for Nino for money. He dedicated himself to his work. He treated Nino so harshly and lied to her about his feelings to protect her from his demons, his mother. When his mother appeared she forced him to move back with her in the end for some reason that was not mentioned. She was proud of him for making money. But she threatened to go to Nino if he does not contact her. Everything Momo did was in good intentions but with bad execution.

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