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Photon (1997)

I can promise that if you like this series or willing to watch it you should watch the Tenchi Muyo! franchise: Tenchi Muyo! (1992), Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (1993), Magical Girl: Pretty Sammy (1995), Tenchi in Tokyo (1997), Ai Tenchi Muyo! (2014), Tenchi Muyo! GXP (2002) and Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (2009). All of them are harem genres except for Pretty Sammy but they are all within the same universe.

The series is six episodes total and but the plot is dynamic and satisfying. Many questions are answered in the end, though some need to be answered in the end. The last two episodes of the series have the most action, emotion, and complexity that it will ever have.

The full English name of the series is known as Photon: The Idiot Adventures. A soft-spoken boy from a desert planet from one of the villages has superhuman strength and has the luxury of capturing the princess of the village, Aun, who is always lovestruck of the most attractive man who walks her path. On a particular day, she steals the "holy object" (a Sharpie marker) for money (which is worth a lot) to travel the desert to find her love of the week. It is noted that this is not the first time. When she was captured Photon, fell asleep the night before they were supposed to head back to the village and she scribbled "Idiot" on his forehead before shes returns to her journey the following morning. On the chase again, Photon falls into a valley, which leads him into a spaceship, that is owned by the space pirate, Keyne Acqua. Curious and unaware of who she is, he scribbles "Idiot" on her forehead as well. She then wakes up, and sees the drawing and is then embarrassed, and tells him that they are married because within her culture if a man gives the same forehead crest to another woman it means that they are legally married. So the adventure begins with Keyne, Aun, and Photon on the run and in battles between the antagonist, Papacharino, who needs Keyne to achieve his goal of "mega-fuckboy" of the galaxy and master of "Aho" (a type of energy force used by named after idiotic). Photon promised to protect those he calls a friend.


He fights using a stick (which I thought was made of wood) but is a staff made of black crystal. He is also capable of withstanding the strongest of Aho energy, it has little to no effect on him because he is the source of anti-Aho energy. All the female characters happen to be in love with him as well.

Two of the women give implications that they're in love with him in the end and Keyne is the one that verbally states it when she is held captive by Papacharino. Unfortunately, during the duration of the series, he is in love with Aun's older sister, who he promised that he would protect Aun, before her getting married and moving away from the village when he was younger.


Papacharino Nanadan is a very unsuccessful villain. He gets his ass beat by Photon in a very way. His main goal is to acquire the machine that Keyne's grandfather built. It seemed as if he was the main villain but he was only a supporting character since the original and main villain is Princess Lashara's father, The Lord of the Galaxy, who isn't revealed until the end of the series.

I call him the "mega-fuckboy" because he is married to 19 women and strives to marry more women and wants and needs to make Lashara his next wife because she is the Princess and will get him closure to ruling the Galaxy.

I do give him props for having a black woman tagging along on his ship. I do assume that she is one of his wives because of the mark on her forehead which is similar to the one LaShara has as well. But I hate how he treated Pochi, he didn't deserve that and I almost cried when Pochi looked so sad and discovered Papacharino's true intentions. Lastly, he deserved every hit that Photon gave him just because he said, "Come to Papa!"


Not much I can say about LaShara besides the fact that I went to high school with a girl named LaShara who I just thought her mama made up a name. So I was very surprised that it was in an anime series. The plot twist, it is mentioned that she and Keyne were switched at birth. So she is not the Princess at all. Which is a question that was answered? Will Keyne assume the throne? LaShara does become one of Photon's wives because he remarries Keyne and then married LaShara and Aun in the end so he could protect them all forever. When he fell in love with Keyne in the end. A part of LaShara's soul happens to be Pochi. It was mentioned multiple times that Pochi is well aware of her feelings for her fiance, Papacharino more than anyone. By protecting her he reunites in the final battle between her father, Lord of the Galaxy.

She did remind me of Ayeka Jurai from Tenchi Muyo!


Once I saw, Keyne from the way she fights and the fact that she is a space pirate I instantly thought of Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!

She's the real Galatic Princess by birthright but was switched at birth with Princess LaShara. Her mother, which was never explained is embedded within a crystal which is then placed inside the stomach of the Galatic Emperor. She is also the key to Dr. Keyne's Aho-machine which absorbs and reflects Aho energy.

Photon and Keyne make such a cute couple

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