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Gakuen Heaven: Boys Love Hyper (2006)

So this series was very dry in comparison to other yaoi genres, like Junjou Romantica (2008) or Papa To Kiss In The Dark (2005). It lacked passion and spicy. It lacked the romance in general that I would expect from a harem and yaoi. If I wasn't already three episodes into the series before I realized how dull it was then I would have never finished it. I'm actually upset with Amazon this time for this recommendation.

I also did not know until I did my further research so I could write this review that Gakuen Heaven is also a media franchise for the PC game Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble (2002-2009), it is also offered for the PSP Vita.

There is also a second series of the game called Gakuen Heaven 2: Double Scramble (2014). There is not an animation adaptation for that series nor a manga compared to the parent series.


The plot, however, is fairly simple, a talentless high school student, Keita Ito is suddenly transferring into the private and prestigious Bell Liberty Academy for boys during the middle of the semester.

Which is odd. It is also odd that he is admitted into the school without having a talent nor applying for the school. His one "talent" is that he is extremely lucky. (I did not know he was Domino from Deadpool 2 (2018) or Good Luck Girl (2012)).

To continue, the one who got him admitted to BL Academy was his long-lost childhood friend, Kazuki Endo.

Who is also the chairman of the academy, as to how he is capable of doing so. The entire plot surrounds the fact that Kazuki knows Keita and is trying to get close to him and protect him. Keita, on the other hand, does not believe he is a good fit for the academy. He was even threatened to drop out because he lacks a special talent to be apart of the institute. Kazuki makes a deal with the co-chairman to create an actual "duel" which will allow Keita to win which in return Kazuki gets to keep his position as Chairman and Keita gets to remain at the Academy. Obviously, we know who one that bet. At the very end is when everything about their past is revealed and even the first and final kiss between the two characters takes place in the last episode which is boring!


The rest of the harem I did not care for nor about because they all looked similar in physique, hair, and face. They all looked like they just changed wigs every other scene but they all were "different." I even say "different" to mean that they all had different personalities but the same demeanors and similar personalities. Like if they all were combined they were would be Kazuki, to be frank. Like I said this series was nothing special compared to other yaoi I have watched. I personally would not recommend this series to anyone.

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