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Beastars (2019)

I want to say that I watched this series within one weekend and I did have high expectations for this series. IT SUCCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!!! It left a huge impression on me which is very rare for me. By impression I mean that I have me in deep thought about the series constantly. Like I am shook. Only a few have done this for me:

Maid-Sama (2010)

Eureka Seven: AO (2012)

Citrus (2018)

Kill La Kill (2013)

Ultra Maniac (2003)

The list could honestly go on, but not really.

I am going to go ahead and get this out of the way, Legoshi's voice was smoothing and did it for me. I approve. Now onto the content, the series focuses on discrimination between animals. These animals live in a civilized society with human-like personalities. Unfortunately, there is a tension between carnivores and herbivores. At Cherryton Academy, an alpaca, Tem was murdered. A grey wolf, Legoshi, who was his friend and fellow-member of the drama club, began to submit to the fear against him. He decided to hide all the threatening and predator traits that he has.

One night, being told to take watch by a red deer and potential Beastar, Louis, Legoshi, takes watch outside of the auditorium. He is then aroused by the scent of a white dwarf rabbit, Haru. This is when his predator instincts awaken and take charge and he attacks her. After the attack, he is confused and unsure of himself. He always considered himself to be so careful. Legoshi throughout the entire season is battling between the truth of who he is and his developing feelings he has for Haru.


If you have made it this far, please open a new tab and watch Beastars now.

When Haru and Legoshi had their official conversational encounter, I am not going to lie, I was half asleep and then my Boyfriend raised his voice, "What the fuck!?" and I woke up startled and saw Haru half-naked attempting to basically suck some wolf dick. I was taken back.

Honestly as far as the romance between the two goes, I could careless about it but it helps build the story. It reminds me more so about Twilight or Vampire anime series more so. Then the love square between Legoshi and Haru, Haru and Louis, and Legoshi and Juno. I feel like Juno is just an unnecessary plus-one supporting character. She seems like she would be a great support system of Legoshi. But instead when her true intentions were revealed about how she wanted to be the next Beastar, she just came off as really aggressive and straight forward. For example, when she was on top of Louis I thought a few things; a potential rape case or she is going to eat him.


I lastly would like to say R.I.P to Louis. I honestly will not miss him personally. Because in my mind if he was human I see him being a black-hair, tall, with glasses student council president. But him dying, I feel like if there is a second season, that his death will start an uproar when the truth is discovered because he was the runner-up for the Beastar.

I hated how he treated Haru, but it was confirmed in the end that he did love her. He was unable to get outside of his head. He refused to love her in public for multiple reasons. She was a hoe, she was not the same species as him, and he already had an arranged marriage. But Louis allowing Legoshi to save her, and initially was never going to be apart of the rescue squad. In the end he did sacrifice himself to allow Legoshi to be the hero to Haru.

Louis also had a deep and dark past. Compared to Legoshi, who found out more about the red deer. He was an orphan and produce for the black-market. He was later purchased and adopted by another deer who I'm assuming is a corporate head honcho. In the end it drove Louis to be perfect to the point where he was willing to let the girl he loved to be eaten. It took a shy wolf to awake, the deer instincts.


From my research, I was able to find a potential Season 2 release, which is assumed to be October 2020. Whether or not it will be released in all countries is TBD. I loved this series and it is definitely a part of my top-5 for this year and it is only March.


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